Current Exemplars

EQR (PC, 53 Dice)

ID Emerson Quinn Riley (actually Ekaterina)
Born 1 December 1978, Texas, United States (actually born 1649, Russia)
Age 466
Build 6'0", 70 kg
Powers strong and durable, astral form, shapechanging (magic)
Relationships Tribble (alien pet), Flame (mystic mentor), Emerson (former identity), Calendar Girl (Emerson's wife), Marlena (Emerson's daughter), Staffie (former identity), Special Agent Ananya Banerjee (ex-girlfriend), Hound (ex-girlfriend), Brother Voodoo (ex-boyfriend)
Skills polyglot, computer programmer

Hound (NPC, 47 Dice, Outdated Profile)

ID Regina Voorhees
Born 28 May 1982 (Los Angeles)
Age 23
Build 5'4", 56 kg
Powers worthy to wield Tilkvama (can transform into Modi)
Affiliations Chains of Doom (former member)
Relationships Tomas Dlurga (ex-boyfriend), EQR (ex-boyfriend), alternate Strife from a future timeline (ex-boyfriend), Ratman (ex-boyfriend), Leonard the AIM agent (ex-boyfriend), Rush (ex-boyfriend), Ricky (ex-boyfriend), Ember (friend), Liberty (friend)
Skills dog trainer, physical sciences

Liberty (NPC, 23 Dice, formerly Cinder Maid)

ID Nara
1990 (Vine)
Age 20
Build 5'6", 58 kg
Powers create and control fire, flight (mutant)
Affiliations Realm of Grell (former supersoldier)
Relationships Grand Communicant Lawkov (former religious leader and controller), Hound (friend)

Redeemer (PC, 38 Dice)

ID Marcus Thatcher
Born 1100 (England)
Age 43
Build 6'5", 110 kg
Powers strong and durable, demonic sight, create and control hellfire (possessed by a demon)
Affiliations Knights Templar (former member), DEMON (former agent)
Relationships Thane (possessing demon), Father Michael Delaney (friend)

Silver Cobra (PC, 49 Dice)

ID Michael Yang
Born 4 August 1972 (Boston)
Age 37
Powers chi mastery, light body technique, iron shirt technique (Yengtao kung fu)
Affiliations US Marine Corps (veteran), Yengtao Temple (student), Bay Battalion (former member)
Amy Yang (sister), Lily Yang (mother), Inverse ("adopted" brother), Sara Patterson (girlfriend), Elsa Bloodstone (ex-girlfriend), Kasey Newell (ex-girlfriend)
Skills bomb disposal, kung fu

Strife (NPC, 50 Dice, 79D in powered armour)

ID Emmanuel Pedro Medina
Born 24 August 1989 (United States)
Age 20
Powers telepathy (mutant), flight, superstrength, force bolts, force barriers, interdimensional and time travel (powered armour)
Affiliations Aura (mother), Colossus (father), Psion (cousin), Hailey Hawkins (girlfriend), Hound (ex-girlfriend of alternate Strife from a future timeline)
Skills temporal physics

Tempo (PC, 33 Dice)

ID Matthew Judge
Born 1982 (Mississippi)
Age 28
Build 6'1", 80 kg
Powers superspeed (biochemical serum)
Affiliations Nike (sponsors), Sunshine Squad (former member)
Relationships Professor Fyodor Ivanov (creator of the biochemical serum)

Titan (PC, 37 Dice)

ID Quetzal of the Gor-Rok
Born 1980 (alternate earth)
Age 30
Build 9'0", 400 kg
Powers strong and durable, sharp talons and teeth (mutant)
Affiliations Sotek (former member)
Skills archaeology, blacksmithing

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