Former Exemplars

Ember (PC, 50 Dice, Profile)

ID Lynnette “Lynn” Raye Storm
Born 27 August 1983 (deep space)
Powers create and control fire, flight, transform into fiery form with superhuman strength and durability plus capacity for interstellar flight (mutant)
Affiliations Fantastic Family (relatives), Reptoids of the planet Tayp (former planetary defender)
Relationships Human Torch (father), Poppie (robot mentor and household companion), Invictus (ex-fiance), Hound (friend)
Skills fire fighter
Current Location New York (Fantastic Family)

Fold (PC, 37 Dice)

ID Joseph Pitchford
Born 14 April 1970 (United States)
Age 40
Build 5'10", 73 kg
Powers open wormholes on his body to other points in space (mutant)
Affiliations Muir Island Research Facility (former patient)
Relationships Annie (wife), Sarah and Archer (children), Hailey Hawkins (superhero student), Ghostcat (ex-girlfriend), Antigone (former robot bodyguard)
Skills stage magician, medical doctor
Current Location Maine (local superhero)

Inverse (PC, 30 Dice)

ID Inverse
Born unknown (other dimension)
Age unknown
Powers shadow body, shadow weapons, enchanted clothing (magic)
Relationships Flame (mystic mentor), Genie (friend and former captor), Silver Cobra ("adopted" brother), Amy Yang ("adopted" sister), Lily Yang ("adopted" mother)
Skills arena fighter
Current Location Boston (Bloodstone Manor)

Jarlsberg (PC, 33 Dice)

ID Jarlsberg
Born 2008
Powers none, previously human-level intelligence, telepathy, telekinesis (experimental AIM technology)
Affiliations AIM (former test subject)
Current Location Boston (Exemplars base)

Songbird II (NPC, 27 Dice, formerly Fledgling)

ID Wendy Wu
Born 27 March 1985 (Los Angeles)
Build 5'2", 50 kg
Powers generate and control vibrations, flight, dimensional travel (mutant)
Harvard University (Bachelor of Science graduate)
Relationships Songbird I (inspiration and mentor), TNT (former local crimefighting teammate in LA)
Current Location Los Angeles (Champions)

TNT (PC, 36 Dice)

ID Tyrone Neil Taylor
Born 16 February 1985 (Los Angeles)
Age 20
Build 5'10"
Powers telekinesis (mutant)
Affiliations California Institute for the Arts (student), West Roxbury Educational Complex (high school graduate)
Relationships Songbird II (former local crimefighting teammate in LA)
Skills drawing and painting
Current Location Los Angeles (California Institute for the Arts)

Former Supporting Cast

Elsa Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters

Elsa Bloodstone (5D Henchman)

Born 3 October 1976 (United Kingdom)
Powers strong and tough, fast and agile (Bloodstone heritage)
Affiliations Monster Hunters (member)
Relationships Tomas Dlurga (employee), Genie (former servant), Silver Cobra (ex-boyfriend)
Skills monster hunter, firearms

Ayodele Omagbemi (4D Henchman, Qualities: Renegeration)

Born 11 May 1981 (Nigeria)
strong and durable, rapid healing, can transform into a hyena (werehyena)
Affiliations Monster Hunters (member)
Relationships Tanisha Omagbemi (sister), Stellar (sister-in-law)

Kiyomi Inari (3D Henchman, 5D with Shinto magic)

Born 9 January 1982 (Japan)
Powers magic spells (Shinto practitioner)
Affiliations Monster Hunters (member)
Skills sniper

Waziria (3D Henchman, Qualities: Immortal, Major Vulnerability: Iron)

Born (Svartelfheim)
Powers magic spells (dark elf sorcery)
Affiliations Dove Gut tribe (sole survivor), Monster Hunters (member)

no picture available

Tim Holloway (2D Henchman)

Born 27 July 1980 (Chicago, United States)
Powers scaly skin (mutant)
Affiliations Monster Hunters (member)
Relationships Stellar (foster mother)

Fold's supporting cast

Annie Pitchford (nee Parker)

Born 20 January 1975 (California, United States)
5'11", 65 kg
Fold (husband), Sarah (daughter), Archer (son), Antigone (T700 terminator robot duplicate from the future), Cybermind (ex-boyfriend), Vitality (ex-boyfriend)
Skills computer programmer, handguns

no picture available

Sarah Pitchford (1D Henchman, Qualities: Dimensional Travel 8D, Teleportation 8D)

Born 28 August 2004
Powers open wormholes on her body to other points in space (mutant)
Relationships Fold (father), Sarah (mother), Archer (brother), Dr Walter King (babysitter and "uncle")

no picture available

Archer Pitchford

Born 11 October 2006
Relationships Fold (father), Sarah (mother), Sarah (sister), Dr Walter King (babysitter and "uncle")

Hound's supporting cast

Tomas Dlurga

Relationships Emma Bloodstone (employer), Hound (ex-girlfriend), Wilk (pet dog)


Powers suspiciously intelligent and strong-willed
Relationships Tomas Dlurga (owner)

Inverse's supporting cast

Genie (7D Henchman)

Powers altering reality (magic)
Relationships Elsa Bloodstone (former master and liberator), Inverse (friend and former prisoner)
Skills sitcoms

Silver Cobra's supporting cast

Kasey Newell (4D Henchman)

Born 19 July 1976
Affiliations Yengtao Temple (student)
Relationships White Lotus (teacher), Silver Cobra (ex-boyfriend), Southern Cross (ex-boyfriend)
Skills kung fu

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