Preface for Over the Rainbow

This is my first (and so far only) piece of fan-fiction, written between May 1996 and March 1997, and I'd like to explain why I wrote it, what I expected to get out of writing it, and why it might make very little sense to the casual reader. But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

For the last eight years, I've run a super-hero role-playing game where the players characters are the X-Men. My campaign is very different to the comics today (I chose the end of #180 as my divergence-point), and has lots of neat characters that I wanted to write about. Unfortunately, the neatest characters are not part of the Marvel Universe. To get around this problem, I decided to write an extended story about X-Men from two different universes accidentally crossing over and interacting with each other. One group were the comic-book X-Men (with some differences, for which see below), the other a group of X-Men based mostly on characters I've designed for my campaign. The exceptions were Rogue and Iceman, as back in 1996 they were the only comic-book X-Men being used as characters in my campaign. Consequently, they were going to be the central characters in my ongoing story.

The story starts out with the different universes' Rogues and Icemen being swapped over by a mysterious force. The comic-book universe cannot be placed in a specific point in time in the comics: I wanted to have that "ideal" comic-book X-Men line-up that never actually occured because of all the sub-plots. For the sake of convenience, I assumed that the comic-book universe was post-Operation Zero Tolerance, nothing bad happened in O:ZT, Rogue got back together with Gambit, Iceman rejoined the team, and so on.

So, Rogue and Bobby are on a second road trip, and they're travelling through Texas on the way to California. They've stopped off at Snyder for a rest, and check into a motel for the night. The next morning, my story begins.

All that is fine and dandy. Now, why did I write this? In addition to the usual reasons of liking the X-Men and wanting to see my own ideas in print, I wanted to explore ideas of alienation, of how disturbing it is when some things are the same and some things are different. What is it like to be somewhere where so much is right and yet so much of what you know is just plain wrong? What is it like to meet yourself as you might have been? And so on.

What can you expect in the way of potentially offensive stuff? Alright, sexual references for sure. The parallel version of Iceman is gay, and one of the other X-Men is his lover. Rogue has a lover, Christian. If you have hang-ups about this sort of thing, skip my story. To be safe, Iíll add adult concepts and bad language to the list as well. So, there you go. If in doubt, stay away. I wonít be offended.

If words are written in odd ways, it could be because Iím not American. Expect to see "colour", "centre", and so on. Iím going to avoid accents as much as possible. My concessions to Rogueís accent will be "Ah" and "mah", nothing else. Iím not even going to try Christianís "Latino lover" phrasing and syntax down on paper. Gambit will get "dese", "dose", "tink", and bad grammar.

I will use the following conventions: quotation marks for speech, quotation marks for private thoughts, and funky brackets "{" and "}" for telepathic communication.

And now to the disclaimers ...

Or not, if you prefer

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