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While it's no longer available at the LucasArts website, you can view the original game announcement in the web archives.


Popular Madcap Dog and Rabbity Thing to Return for More Hilariously Skewed Adventures First Quarter 2004 on Windows PC
SAN RAFAEL, Calif. -- August 27, 2002 -- Sam & Max, interactive entertainment's most beloved canine and rabbit combo, hit the road again first quarter 2004 in a long awaited adventure comedy sequel for Windows PC from LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. The follow up to the critically acclaimed 1993 adventure classic Sam & Max Hit the Road
will dispatch the Freelance Police into a wild world of screwy and vaguely quixotic missions. Each one will be jam packed with nerve-jangling action, brain-busting puzzles, and the kind of easygoing banter one might expect from a talking dog and a naked, hyperkinetic bunny.

Sam & Max are based upon the "Sam & Max Freelance Police" comic book series created by Steve Purcell. LucasArts' Michael Stemmle, co-director of the award-winning original game, will direct the sequel.

"Sam & Max Hit the Road is a classic and as close to being a signature game as any LucasArts has ever done," says Simon Jeffery, president of LucasArts. "The Sam & Max sequel, much like the recently announced Full Throttle
II, perfectly complements LucasArts' renowned adventure game legacy and lends further support to the company's commitment to investing in and developing more of our original properties."


Archived LucasArts "Sam & Max: Freelance Police" Website

While the LucasArts website for Sam & Max: Freelance Police disappeared when the cancellation was announced, you can still view it at the web archives (though the popup windows with the screenshots etc don't work. The screenshots are available below anyway).


Screenshots and Game Trailer.        
There weren't too many screenshots released during production, but a handful have turned up online and in magazines over the last few months. Here's a collection of how the game was shaping up graphically. A trailer was also released for E3 2003, bringing much joy to the adventure game fraternity.

Click the thumbnails for the full sized images.

LucasArts Screenshot     LucasArts Screenshot     Screenshot
Office Render     Trailer Screengrab     Trailer Screengrab
Magazine Scan     Magazine Scan     Magazine Scan     Magazine Scan

You can download the hilarious game trailer right here in medium resolution, and from here in high resolution. Be warned though, you'll laugh, then you'll cry at LucasArts' crazy decision.

More screenshots available here at German Adventure Website

Sam & Max

Magazine / Website Game Previews & Interviews. 
Here is a collection of interviews and articles about the game written prior to the cancellation announcement.

PC GamePro Preview

May 2004 Gamepro check there Freelance Police Preview here(more new screenshots) "3D Secrets Revealed. I Should Be Quiet" (10 Feb 2004)
Sam & Max 2's own Mike Stemmle has written in to explain the real story behind the technology behind the new Sam & Max title:

PC Gamer: "Sam and Max Freelance Police" (Feb 2004) - Magazine scan hosted at
Two lone warriors from 1993 return to make adventure games funny again.

Computer & Video Games "INTERVIEW: SAM & MAX: FREELANCE POLICE" (6 Jan 2004)
With the funniest duo in PC history set to grace our screens once more, LucasArts explains why sides will be splitting. "Sam & Max: Freelance Police preview" (17 May 2003)
Holy jumpin mother o' God in a side-car with chocolate jimmies and a lobster bib—Sam and Max are back, and this time they're in 3D!


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