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There's a lot of interesting things to do these days, a few experiences I've had.

Not the ideal place to check out the suspension, but there's no rust.
After anchoring the back of the vehicle to a tree, we managed to stand her up and continue on our way.

A broken window due to an inconsiderate rock parked in the wrong place, and a few minor scratches was the only damage.

Ten pin bowling With a team of five and a couple of years bowling, we made it to the top. Now, I don't know if I was one of the good bowlers, maybe I was there to make the others look good.

Jumping out of a plane at 10000ft isn't everyones idea of fun, but if you haven't done it, then GIVE IT A GO. Best thing I've done, even 300kph in a racing car doesn't compare to this. 6000ft free fall in about 30 seconds, 4000ft under the shute about 4 minutes. If you open your eyes you see some great views.

Different team, different game, Darts ( ten pin bowling was getting too serious, had to get out) four people in the team. In the 2nd year we made it to the top for two years. Seems like I picked the right team at the right time again.

Cycling from Perth to Melbourne on a recumbent trike. 4000kms in 40 days. Some big road trains out there. One of the trailers.
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Running, alot of people do it, how far and how quick you do it, is up to you.
I started running in 2006 to enter a local train race (Puffing Billy). 1st Sunday in May, 13.2kms and a few hills. Finishing the event I was happy. Thoughts of doing a marathon now entered my mind. It didn't happen that year, winter had come and motivation was low.

2009 the thought was still there. Entering the Melbourne Marathon which was in October, I gave myself 9-10 months to train. The day arrived, nice and sunny, not too hot, off I went with thousands of others.
Crossing the finishing line in 4hrs 16mins 37secs.

Cycling, you get to rest when going down hills, but I wouldn't say it is any easier than running. Reading an article on some seniors having races, I had to look into it. Part of the research was to drop into my local bike shop, I walked out with an Avanti Quantum II bike. Joining a Veterans Club where they grade you on ability, I was ready to start learning to race. After receiving prize money for a few placings, and a win, I guess that makes me a pro. - a professional that is.

Restoration of a 1963 Royal Enfield 250cc Continental.

I thought one day I might have a go at restoring an old car, well I bought a motorbike instead.
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Is there more to come, I hope so, I'm only 60.