iNapster, Copyright 2000 - Iain Wade <>

iNapster is a web based interface to the Napster Inc. network. It supports multi-users, account creation, searching, browsing, and downloading through both methods. Preliminary work has been done on uploading support.

It is a standalong perl daemon, launched from the command line .. it uses perl's HTTP::Daemon module to provide the web interface so it

a) has no dependency on Apache
b) can run as any (non-privileged) user and bind to any port (>1024 unless root).

It is known to work on linux and freebsd .. so it should work fine on any *nix'y type OS... windows may work under perl 5.6 (needs fork() emulation) with a bit of tweaking .. I have no idea.

If you have any questions, patches, ideas, flames or anything, please pop me off an email as any feedback is good feedback.


Iain Wade