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Welcome to my homepage

I’m an entomologist, science communicator volunteer radio presenter and all round geek. I’ve been chasing all types of wildlife since I could walk. Although I never really thought I’d make a career out of it, I chose to study science at uni anyway and I’ve just followed my passion for biology ever since. I studied glow-worm biology for my honours project at the University of Queensland (UQ) working with Dr Dave Merritt and have just recently completed my PhD at the University of Sydney, where I worked with Professor Steve Simpson and Professor Greg Sword on the population genetics and behaviour of the Australian plague locust. Above all I love science communication and education and I have worked in several science education roles both at UQ and USYD.

I currently demonstrate in first year biology laboratory classes at USYD. I also work at the Marine Discovery Centre at Bondi Beach and I am a volunteer presenter on Diffusion Science Radio. When I’m not doing anything science related I like to paint, read, sing, go bushwalking, watch comedy or play games (board or video). I also dote on my pet diving beetle Sylvester (Family: Dytiscidae). 

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Above: Sylvester the diving beetle (Family: Dytiscidae)

baby locust
Above: Newly hatched locust (Chortoicetes termnifera).
Left: Nymphs of the Australian plague locust (C. terminifera).
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Professional associations, colleagues and collaborators

Australain Science Communicators
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Marine Discovery Centre, Bondi
Steve Simpson
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Dave Merritt
Jerome Buhl
Ian Woolf


Chapuis, M.-P., Popple, J.-A., Simpson, S. J., Estoup, A., Martin, J.-F., Steinbauer, M., L., M. & Sword, G. A. 2008, Eight polymorphic microsatellite loci for the Australian plague locust, Chortoicetes terminifera. Molecular Ecology Resources. 8: 1414-141

Marie-Pierre Chapuis1,2, Julie-Anne Popple1, Karine Berthier, Martin J. Steinbauer, Stephen J. Simpson, Ted Deveson, Peter Spurgin & Gregory A. Sword. 2011, Challenges to assessing connectivity between massive populations of the Australian Plague locust. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B. (doi: 10.1098/rspb.2010.2605).

Popular Media

“When is a grasshopper a locust?” Julie-Anne Popple, A short article written for Wildlife Australia magazine, 47(3), p.16

Above: Southeast QLD Glow-worm (Arachnocampa flava).
Below: Arachnocampa Girraweenensis larva.

All photos by J-A Popple, Except Top Left and Bottom Left: Dr G.A. Miller and Top Right: Stewart MacDonald