Taree Invitation 5000

last update 2/5/18

race bird limit removed ; Must be TINV birds ; BOOK NOW only 70 spaces left
those who have not had the Rota virus should consider the possibility their birds may catch it when sent?

SPRINT 1; 25/7/17 ; 130km L Solly wins with TINV 16 712 @ 1109m/m
Due to Rota Virus the dates have changed and races shortened; sorry for any inconvienence caused
SPRINT 2;6/9/17;165km
A Sultana wins with WV 16 166 @ 1090m/m
Main RACE;17/9/17 ;360km J Commons wins with GC 16 762 @ 1106m/m
J Jackson of Rocky wins East Coast Championship for 2017

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