Utilities I've written

Many of these are little utilities that I've writtien mainly because of some specific functions that Oziexplorer (or other software) cannot perform, or some functions that are performed more efficiently.
There are Oziexplorer Utilities, Oziexplorer CE related enhancements, Magellan Utilities and Electronics related stuff.
The NEW graphic signifies changes have been made within the last two years (owing to the fact that I haven't been updating for a while!).


Mapborder v1.1.6 (Build 18 Alpha) is a tool that enables easy creation and maintenance of Oziexplorer map borders.
A map border defines the geographical limits of any given Oziexplorer map image.
Oziexplorer itself can create and maintain only four corner markers to define the border, resulting in a square or rectangular border.
It can however support up to 100 corner markers for odd-shaped map images, but cannot create these elaborate polygon borders itself.
This is where Mapborder comes in, it enables easy creation and maintenance of the more elaborate borders.

IndexMap v1.1.0 (249Kb) History of changes
A tool that is used purely for cosmetic purposes.
It operates similar to the Oziexplorer "Index" view function, but on the normal Oziexplorer view window- so it can be easily exported into a BMP or PNG image.
It obtains the borders of all maps within a specified folder, and optionally deeper nested folders, and displays them on any Oziexplorer map of your choice.
It can also optionally display the MAP filename in the centre of each border.
Up to 75 separate folders can be specified, along with their own colours.

MakeImage v1.0.2 (223Kb) History of changes
Uses Oziexplorer to save map images in PNG or BMP format.
Useful if you have a batch of map files in OZF2, ECW, SID or some other format that is not supported by your image editor.

MAP2PPC v3.1.2 (Build 2 Alpha) (235Kb) History of changes
Cleans up oziexplorer MAP files.
Mostly ported from my old DOS application to a Win32 native application.
While I have retained most of the functions, some have been removed (either no longer applicable, or I'm still working on it).
- Can perform several functions on the description field.
- Can remove any existing description, useful if you intend to replace any existing text.
- Can clean up the description field.
- Can remove any existing text in the description and replace with:
-- Custom text.
-- Image filename.
-- MAP filename.
- Remove the file path and/or extension from the map image name field (OziCE strips the file path and extension anyway)
- Rename the image extension to whatever you specify.
- There are several options present specifically used to bring the file size down:
- Removes extra unused spaces from lines.
- Removes map features, comments, and attached tracks.
- Remove unsued calibration points
- Removes trailing zeros in numeric fields.
- Will process any files specified on the command line (can drag & drop MAP files to the Map2PPC icon)

Ozi DAT Control Panel v1.0.2 (build 0 Alpha) (247Kb) History of changes
A graphical front-end for many of Oziexplorer's DAT files that enable certain features and functionality.

Also see Dave Patton's Oziexplorer Information page, and list of third-party Oziexplorer utilities.

Obselete products:
Merge Track v1.0.0 (build 4 Alpha) (222Kb) History of changes


WindowsCE hacks
Assorted registry hacks that may prove useful for OziExplorerCE users.

I have created some Windows CE background themes that are related to Oziexplorer:

ozice_1 thumbnail OziExplorerCE logo over a map of the Sydney, NSW Australia area. (176Kb)


MakePOI v1.0.0 (220Kb) is a utility that converts Oziexplorer point (*.PLT) files into csv files that can be imported into Mihal's POI_DB_Creator software.
This enables you to take your Oziexplorer points and import them more easily into your Magellan Meridian mapping GPS reciever.
NOTE: This utility should be considered a VERY early prototype.  There is still much work to be done.
It is being released for development purposes only.  There are known issues, and there are issue that are known, but not the exact nature.
It would be much appreciated if any testers could email me jt (AT) techniciansyndrome (DOT) org if any problems are found, or if you've nutted out the reason for an error.
You will need to download Mikhail's "POI_DB_Creator" and (optionally) "POI_DB_Extractor" from his site http://www.msh-tools.com/ before being able to use this software.


Silicon Chip Magazine created a portable frequency counter kit in October 2003.  There was a pre-existing fault in the code that inserted a spurious character in some LCD display panels.  The supplied errata fix for this fault was rather crude.
Andy Wood has modified the code to correct this fault..
This applies to the Silicon Chip October 2003, Kit number 30706 "Frequency Meter" (first incarnation, revision one), board numbers 04110031 (DSE), 04110032 (Altronics) and 04110033 (Jaycar).
The original SC code is available here, (also available on the Silicon Chip website).
Andy's revised code that fixes this properly, is available here.