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What We Provide


Whilst a relatively new company, AJVís Services has established an experienced team with a diverse range of skills.† We have gained a proven track record in:


Civil Construction

® Bulk excavation

® Drainage and storm water establishment

® Hard and Soft Landscaping, including the †††††† establishment of dams, ponds & sediment †††††† containment pits

® Foundation works & rock walling

® Site Cuts & preparation

® Rock breaking and detailed rock excavation

® Over size material handling



® Domestic housing - Brick, timber and fibro

® Commercial buildings - Steel frame and beam

® Internal strip outs - Full & partial strip outs of †††††† units, clubs & pubs etc

® Recycling of concrete, tiles, steel, timber and †††††† other waste materials

® Asbestos identification, safe removal and †††††† disposal

® Concrete & rock - sawing, breaking, pulverizing †††††† and general handling

® Steel cutting and handling