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Julie Murphy

Australian children's writer, with a background in Zoology and Zookeeping.

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About me

I was the sort of little kid who spent her play time sorting through stones to find the ones with sparkly specks in them. I thought the specks were flecks of gold. I also thought I could predict the weather, and solve any problem if I thought about it for long enough. 

Now I still search for life's flecks of gold through writing.

I trained in Zoology and zookeeping (see photo of me with a young wombat - if only all zookeeping tasks were so cute and cuddly!), and have been lucky to visit parts of Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and, of course, Australia.  I live in Melbourne, Australia, with my husband, daughter, and her two scruffball guinea pigs.


Now happily immersed in the wonderful world of children’s literature, I often find myself writing about animal and nature-related topics (go figure). 

              Sea Birds                           

I have published numerous non fiction books about animals, as well as articles, verse and other assorted bits and pieces for young readers. I am very keen to have some of my fiction Picture Books published, and am furiously working away at that goal.

Great barrier Reef Under Threat - cover

I was thrilled when my non fiction book "Great Barrier Reef Under Threat" (Macmillan Education, 2011) received a Commendation (Children's series) in the Royal Zoological Society's Whitley Awards, 2011, and was shortlisted for the Wilderness Society's Environment Award for Children's Literature, 2012 . 

My plans for the future? To continue to write for children, and to branch out into Trade fiction books for children – especially picture books.

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