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Theatre Organ programs produced and presented
by Keith Rodda

Every Monday 12-30pm to 1-00pm from 5EBI-FM 103.1 (Metropolitan  --  South Australia) for the last 17 years, Keith Rodda presented the radio program "Music from the Theatre Organ".
Even though Keith thoroughly enjoyed presenting this program each week, he has now decided that 17 years is long enough and will be doing other things with his time.

The last program went to air on Monday, June 30, 2014 **

During those 17 years Keith presented an interesting array of music...

Wurlitzer - Barton - Christie - Compton - Morton - Moller - Kimball
         plus more and played by today’s artists in a modern style and the masters of the past in their own unique and varied presentations.
Carousel organs and other Magnificent Music Machines are featured occasionally, recalling the entertainment of  bygone days.

Listen to Keith Rodda's 2nd to last Radio Program (June 23, 2014)

Listen to Keith Rodda's Last Radio Program (June 30, 2014)**

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