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ISQ Ice Skating Queensland
ISA Ice Skating Australia
ISU International Skating Union
Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks
Iceworld Figure Skating Club
Boondall Synchronized Ice Skating Club

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IceDancers Online
Ozskas Australian Ice Skating Community



Other Skating Links

Skating in Victoria Skating in Victoria (Australia)
SkateWeb: The Figure Skating Page One of the best places to start looking for skating information
Dance diagrams - Jeff Goldsmith Diagrams for beginner dances
The Skater Chibis Webpage Skating caricatures in a japanese style
SHARENE! Skatewear Competition Skatewear Specialists
Skating in the Movies This link no longer works. Trying to find new location of page.
Die Eiskunstlauf-Ecke/The Figure Skating Corner This link no longer works. Trying to find new location of page.

Sources of Books, Videos and Merchandise

Cool Cat Skating Products Australian Owned and Produced Skating Merchandise
VideoSports Figure Skating Video Catalog
Rainbo Sport Shop - Chicago's Skating Headquarters
The Redwood Empire Ice Arena Rink formerly owned by Charles Schultz, author of "Peanuts"


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