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Plastic pots, come in all shapes and sizes, great for shaping and training bonsais.

Great price that saves heaps!


Code: HY07001
Sizes: 80x46x27, 70x36x22, 60x28x18

Code: HY07002
Sizes: 62x42x17, 52x34x13, 39x27x10

Code: HY07003
Sizes: 61x42x17, 51x35x14, 41x28x11

Code: HY07004
Sizes: 55x39x8, 46x29.5x 5.5

Code: HY07005
Size: 50x36x6

Code: HY07006
Size: 39x30x7

Code: HY07008
Sizes: 30x30x11, 23x23x8

Code: HY07011
Sizes: 50x35x14, 40x26x11, 32x20x8, 24x18x6

Code: HY07012
Sizes: 58x41x15, 48x33.5x10

Code: HY07014
Sizes: 42x32x13.5, 32x24.5x9.5, 26x19x7

Code: HY07015
Sizes: 58x36x7, 65x35x9

Code: HY07016
Sizes: 46x36x12, 38x28x9, 30x22x6


Code: HY07017
Sizes: 62x46x13, 55x39x9, 48x32x6

Code: HY07018
Sizes: 50x35x14, 40x26x10, 32x20x7

Code: HY07020
Sizes: 47x34x14.5, 38x27x10, 30x21x7

Code: HY07022
Sizes: 49.5x35x13.5, 43.5x31.5x9

Code: HY07025
Size: 22x14x4

Code: HY07026
Sizes: 36.5x27x11, 29x20x8

Code: HY07027
Sizes: 15x11x6, 15.5x12x6

Code: HY07028
Sizes: 11.5x11.5x6, 14x10x5

Code: HY07029
Sizes: 16x12.5x5.5, 15x11.5x7

Code: HY07034
Sizes: 48.5x37.5x12, 40.5x33.9x9.5, 31x25x6

Code: HY07035
Sizes: 30x10, 25x8, 20x6, 16x5

Code: HY07038
Sizes: 18x18x22, 13x13x17, 9x9x13.5

Code: HY07041
Sizes: 27x21x9, 21.5x17x7, 16x12.5x5

Code: HY07046
Sizes: 36x21, 28x19.5

Code: HY07047
Sizes: 60.5x46.5x19, 50x37.5x14.5, 42x30.5x11

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