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Sing Lee, S Lee, AAAPT, Lee Model Radiative Plasma Focus Computation Code, Plasma Radiation Research Group at the Nanyang Technological University, NIE, Singapore; UNU/ICTP PFF, Kirkbyites, archived paper collection
Institute for Plasma Focus Studies; YouTube: snorkel Layang Layang, Naigani, Hawaii


Advanced Google Search for Sing Lee + Plasma Focus; showing numerous links to publications and references
Advanced Google Search for S Lee+Plasma Focus; showing numerous links to publications and references
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Latest version of the Lee Model Radiative Plasma Focus Computation Code placed in INTI UC web page as the Universal Plasma Focus Laboratory Facility
Institute for Plasma Focus Studies founded Feb 2008 to promote understanding and correct use of the Lee model code through numerical experiments. Contain all materials for a web-based self-learning course on plasma focus numerical experiments
Website of Alumni of Malayan Teachers Training College, Kirkby, Liverpool England (1951-1962) hosted by Low Sau San
Article in Physics Today (USA) on AAAPT's progress in initiating and strengthening plasma research in developing countries
Review Article published by Professor Kawabe of United Nations University about a 12 Year Review of the Asian African Association for Plasma Training organised by Professor Lee Sing
Website of Alumni of Anglo Chinese School (ACS) Seremban now SMK Methodist (ACS) Seremban; to be launched when sufficient interest is registered from Alumni.
Web-site of the Plasma Radiation Lab & Group at NTU/NIE, hosted by Assoc Prof Dr Paul Lee Choon Keat; website has more detailed information of Plasma Focus & Lee Model
YouTube video clip 3mins with snorkelling action, corals, divers, manta ray, sharks, dolphins recorded in July 2007 in the pristine waters at Layang Layang in the Malaysian Spratleys
A collection of papers archived in International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste Italy, Open Access Archives
Article on AAAPT in Wikipedia
You tube video clip 3 mins with snorkelling action, corals, fish recorded in the waters around Naigani Island Resort in Fiji
Snorkelling with fish and turtles in Hawaii
Snorkelling with fish and turtles in Hawaii


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