Photos found in the Northey Family Bible

John Pearce and Eliza Northey arrived in Sydney on the clipper Pericles on 5th December 1877, accompanied by their 5 children: Richard, John, Abraham, Mary and Howard. They brought with them a Family Bible which (I assume) they had bought during a stay of about 14 years in the USA. The Bible was handed down to their daughter Edith, her daughter Ida and then to Ida's grandson (myself). I found nine photos, from the 1860s and 1870s, in the pages of the bible. These are reproduced on this page.

The memo in the family bible giving the dates of their return from America and to Australia is also on this page. The memo says that they arrrived at Port Jackson on 7th December. The shipping record gives the arrival date as 5th December.

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About the photos:

Each photo is mounted on cardboard approximately 10cm X 6 cm (4" x 2.5")

None are labelled, but most have the name of the Photographic Studio or photographer printed on the back.


Taken in Wilkes Barre


Probably J.P. Northey and Eliza Temby

130KB image


  Photographer: T.Bevan

Possibly Thomas Northey and Agnes Wood, taken in Gympie Queensland

129KB image


ROW, Photographic Artist, Redruth

Woman probably Grace Temby (nee Michell)

149KB image



J. Moody, Redruth, Cornwall

Probably Grace Temby (nee Michell)

132KB image

J. Wright, Photographer, Sturt St. Ballaarat

Probably James Michell Temby, brother of Eliza Northey.

128KB image



"From the Photographic Studio of David Scott, Successor to William Bradley"

Possibly James Miners, nephew of JP Northey

108KB image




J. Chenhall, Bullers Row, Redruth

152KB image


J. Chenhall,

Bullers Row, Redruth

154KB image


J. Moody, Redruth

152KB image


188KB image