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Alex Litsoudis

Address: c/o Springvale Neighbourhood House. 46 Queens Ave Springvale VIC 3171. Australia.

Phone (at work): +61 3 9548 3972

Fax: +61 3 9574 0483

Email address: 


IMdB: yes

Gender: male

Permanent resident of Australia?: yes

Has TFN: yes

Has ABN: no

GST registered: no

Australian born?: no

Country of origin: Greece

English main language?: Yes

Language most frequently used at home: Greek

Spoken English fluency: Intermediate

Written English fluency: Intermediate

Can work with interpreter: yes

Other languages: Greek (ability - Intermediate)

Artist identifies as: disability

Qualifications: Certificate

Qualifications details: CGEA 1 & 2, Certificate of Appreciation - Administration; '96, Certificate of Appreciation - Volunteer work of Sumnation; '97 to '05, Disability Resource Services; Self-advocacy Training 2005.

Project 1: 1996 - Performance: Now we will show you what we're made of!!! - Chandler Community Theatre, Keysborough. More details.

Project 2: 1998 - workshopping: the phone call - Springvale Neighbourhood House

Project 3: 1999 - Memories - Chandler Community Theatre, Keysborough.

Project 4: 2001 - Federation parade - Melbourne

Project 5: 2001 - Heroes and Villains Monash University Clayton

Project 6: 2002/03 - Showpiece: Mentorship Development, South Yarra.

Project 7: 2009-12 - The film, "Who is he?", Documentary film, all metro area.

Project 8: 2016/17 - Working rehearsal, "It all in mess", Dandenong area

Visual arts: text

Performing arts: performance art, Drama: Actor, Drama: Performer

Creative writing: poetry, multimedia (Internet CD ROM etc)

Multimedia: Software: HTML, Hardware: PC

Community work experience: community centres, neighbourhood houses, community TV shows.

Community work with: people who are socially/culturally disadvantaged

Other Community work: intellectually with disability, physical disability

Based in: Melbourne metropolitan

Work Melbourne: central business district/inner city, eastern suburbs, south-eastern suburbs

Community work with people who: practice traditional art and culture, are from cultural backgrounds other than Australian

Other cultural backgrounds of people I have worked with: Greek

Has worked with people from: Middle East,

Also has worked with people from: Northen Europea, South-eastern European

Areas of interest: workshops, performing arts projects

Other areas of interest: film making

Interested in volunteering on a Project: Yes

Interested in becoming a support worker: No


Andreas Litras: Anthos Theatre. 

Jo Raphael: Deakin University, and Fusion Theatre

Jo Cohen: (formaer) Arts Access

Fionia Cook: Arts Access

Disability Media: (formerly Grit Meda)

Liz Collier: National Disability Services

Andrew Kelly and

Liz Campbell: Beyondedge

Casting Assistant, ABC TV Melb

Fiona Tuomy, Other Film Festival

Costas Athanassiou. Costas Creatvie Media

Sarah Barton. Feritle Films

The latest information:


Direction and Script:

Hopes and Dreams. Dec 2004. The Other film festival: ACMI, Arts Access.

Who is he? This is it; pre launch of the presentation. May 2010.

Who is he... now? Stage one on making of the film. May 2018.


NDS (National Disablity Service), Understandig Abuse Training Video. Character; "Tom", a Greek Australian with disabilities. 2016-17

ABC TV, Seven types of abiguity (new TV series). Character, "Roger", a disabled brother from Joe (Alex Dimitriades). 2016

Trainlink NSW. simillar story with Tom that he was on train that he was supprted with a Train Master. 2017

Feritle Film. Devil's Avocate. There are 5 people with disabilites that they got in trouble by the law and they needed help with the avocates.

Selective Panel:

Selective Panel for Other Film Festival for people with disabilities within Australia and internationally. Oct 2018.


A place called Maze

June 2019


La Mama; the barrow

The peformance was remake of the peformance from 2018 from by a book by Shaun Tan's a well known illusttrated book "The Red Tree". The stroy is about a place with motions of challages of stereotypes in a timeless quest for acceptance.

The Heroes of the past and present

Febraury 2017


Melbourne CBD, Emrald

The story is about three different elements stories that related to Troy.The performance is a compemtary that is based in the wars of Syria, Refugees in Turkey, and outside of Italy. The stories are: contacted to: The Persian Messager (that reports of the boat drawing frim Italy), Evagina (that related to Malala with the rights of the children within refugee camps), and Ajax (improving his father that he is the man of the war).

Light of the mind; Nocturnal Festival

June 2014


Halpin Way, Dandenong

It is a festival for peformances around Dandenong CBD at night that has servral tour groups that they go around the city with other performances.

My peformance is with the puppetries with a head with a light inside the head, and an actor as a body who it follows it.

Somewhere City

Nov 2011


Dandenong Community Arts Centre.

A dream state like that when a boy has been missing for a while. Then they are two people reading the MX Classified newspaper trying to meet each other.

Then the people begun to disappear one by one until the last one who is searching her lover.

Dec 2012


La Mama Courthouse, Carlton

Same performance, we performed for the Exploration Festival.

Sept 2009


Dandenong Community Arts Centre.

It is a short play is about two sides of the future how it could be in it. There are ideal future and the realistic future. There are realistic possibilities of the future; the first part of the future is fantasy that could be as normal people with everyday living. The 2nd part of the future is people are disabled with limits of life in the real world. There are also negative side of the stories. 

The play was take place by a Deakin Uni Student who she was in the last year of the course, that is an assignment of the study.

I, me, myself and others.
May 2009


Chandler Community Theatre, Keysborough.

The story is about respective of three part stories about identity takes a big hit when “who am I?” run slap bang into self-obsession, image and egotism.

This comedy for our times takes a hilarious swipe at the effects of popular culture on ordinary people and the craziness that it can produce.

State of Mind

Dec 2008


Chandler Community Theatre, Keysborough.

State of mind was a story about a person's mind that concerns about the respective of negativity, isolation and the dreaming to become someone else..

Drama Victoria State Conference

Nov 2007


A similar workshop to that performed in Hong Kong. It was a workshop that the group had improved on and tred to show what talents we have..

IDEA 2007 (International Drama/Theatre and Education Ass') Hong Kong


This workshop was to show other participants from other delegates from other countries to give ideas with techniques in an artistic, movements and etc.

We were sponsored and supported by: City of Greater Dandenong, City of Frankston and Dept of Human Services.

Box in presents: Museum Mythika
Dec 2006


Chandler Community Theatre, Keysborough.

This play is about mystic beings from the museum that they have came alive as from a statue to an either a god or model. I have had working with 3 different characters, Zeus, King Midas and a puppeteer..

Commonwealth Games: The Closing Ceremony.
March 2006.


At the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

I was one oof the a thousand dames, dressed up as Dame Edna.

Also we were supported and sponsored by Leisure Link up (Option Victoria), Springvale careers services, the cities of Greater Dandenong and Frankston, and Human Services.

Playing Me:
Nov 2005.


At the Dandenong Community Arts Centre, Dandenong. And Chandler Community Theatre, Keysborough.

The play is about the meaning of identity. The play will show the audience the mysteries of it. The main character is Nobody.

My character is one of the siblings that were separated from the sister in the past. The most of the scenes that my character is trying to control the unknown character.

Heroes and Villains:

December 2001.


A performance based on true stories from actors who have a difficult life with hopes and dreams. The story is about four different ancient gods who they saw and felt with disppointment of the modern day changes.

There was an unfortunate tragedy on my father's death pre to the opening day.

Artability entry; Centenary of Federation Parade:
May 2001

Movement place devised for the parade exploring the performance elements of "drag artists" and basing characters on Australian celebrities.

The Frog


Tour: Touring around southeast Melbourne metropolitan area. 

A performance based on a traditional Aboriginal story about a frog drinking all of the water.

I was an assistant director and involved with developing the script.

November 1999.


At the Chandler Community Theatre, Keysborough.

A performance telling stories through acted scenes, interviews, movement, music, and poetry exploring both funny and poignant memories of the performers.

I played a Greek woman of Barbara Strissand (Barbara Megalomitrias) and mimed the song of "Memories".

All about going out:
December 1998.


At the Springvale Neighbourhood House, Springvale.

Scenarios taking a humorous look at issues to do with people with a disability organising a social life and getting out into the community. 

I played myself having a realistic conversation on the phone.

July 1998.


At the Springvale Neighbourhood House, Springvale.

A performance based on the dreams, ambitions, hopes, and fantasies of the participants.

My solo scene was entitled "Never on Sunday!". My character was a Greek woman.

The Balloon:
Jan/Feb 1995


At the Dandenong Community Arts Centre and the summer parade, Dandenong Festival.

The play started with a flat balloon and grew into a huge balloon until in the end it busted.

I was the main actor of the group.

Training and Mentorship:


The Balloon, Jan '95. Janet Donald.
The Seasons, Aug '97. Jo Raphael.


Sticks and Stones, Feb 2003. Andrea Litras.
Scriptwriting Development, May 2009. Grid Media
Boot camp hosting development Aug 2009. Grid Media
Fusion 1:1 NDIS training; Directing. May 2019. Costa Athanassiou.

Directions and Scripts:


The Frog, Oct 2000. That was when I assisted Jo Raphael with minor roles on scripts, concepts of the story that came out in to a touring style story. Including assistance some of the directions with smaller groups.


The Frog, Oct 2000.
Sticks and Stones, Feb 2003.

Other experiences:

From 1996 to 2005: I am as was the volunteer for Springvale Neighbourhood House and Literacy Centre for once a week.

From 1999 to 2007: I designed the web site and became a web master for Damnability and Dramatts.

From 1998 to present: I have made the web site of Alexi's drama.

From 1997 to 2005: I am the volunteer for the Sumnation at the Sandown Park Racecourse.

From 2007, July: IDEA 2007 (International Drama/Theatre and Education Ass') Hong Kong.

From 2011-12 , Chair Chat; a show about people with disabilites, I am a volunteer as an audio techno and role crew.

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