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We provide you with a
comprehensive written
response to your
This includes:
  • A thorough appraisal
    of the book: whether it
    is publishable, its strong
    points and weaknesses.

  • How the book can be made
    more appealing, and what
    should be changed in order
    to attract an agent.

  • Advice on how to market
    the book to an agent
    and/or publishers.
This will ensure that
your book has the best
possible chance of being
read by potential agents
and publishers.

Editing Manuscripts

We offer an editing service that can help you prepare your manuscript for publication or which works with you to produce such a manuscript.
We also provide Readers' Reports, with comments and suggestions, about your manuscript.
Lost Histories has contributed to the following books through research and/or editing:

The Fiftieth Gate:
A Journey Through Memory
by Mark Raphael Baker

Sydney, NSW, Australia,New York
Flamingo, 1997.

A Story of Resistance
by David J.Landau
alias Dudek, Janek and Jan

Sydney, Flamingo, 1997.

My Father, My Father,
by Bernard Marin

Melbourne, Australia
Scribe Publications, 2003.

Shades of Belonging:
Conversations with
Australian Jews
by Neer Korn

HarperCollins Publishers, 1999.

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