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An eclectic mix of Anglo-Indian websites

(not necessarily in alphabetical order)



    Alphalink - (Original Anglo-Indian Page hosted by Dr Adrian Gilbert)


   Anglo-Indian Portal - (Terry Fletcher's website)


   "Voices On The Verandah"- (An Anthology of Poetry & Prose)


   Anglo Indian Association - (Danapur Branch, Patna)


   Anglo Indian Schools - (A comprehensive list of Anglo-Indian Schools)


   Anglos In Jharkhand - (Comprehensive links to other A-I sites)


   Anglo Indian Family Trees - (and their Links)


   CTR - Helping Anglo-Indians in India - (Blair Williams' charity website)


   Margaret Deefholts - (Freelance Writer)


   Denna's World  - (Denise Stephan's website)


   Rainbow Dreams - (Doreen Jonas' website)


   Rainbow Dreams - (Doreen Jonas' Blog)


   Living in a Railway Colony - (by Esther Mary Lyons)


   Some Famous Anglo-Indian Families - (An article on some famous Anglo-Indian families by Esther Mary Lyons)


   The Two Great Anglo-Indians - (An article on two famous Anglo-Indians by Esther Mary Lyons)


   The Anglo-Indian Association of NSW


   Australian Residents Anglo-Indian Association Inc - (ARAIA)


   Anglo-Indian Association of Canada - (AIAC)


   Anglo-Indian Association of Western Australia - (AIAWA)


   Anglo-Indian Family Trees


   The Music of Dr. J - (Jeff Ewing's Musical Extravaganza)




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