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   small file icon "Amazing Grace"
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   small file icon 19th century - Grandfather Peter Bienvenu Delisle, with wife Adeline, father Peter Bienvenu (my great-great-grandfather) and his wife Zoe Riopel, Springfield, Ohio, USA
   small file icon 19th century - Peter Bienvenu Delisle, my great-grandfather. Senator, State Representative and Judge of Delray, Delray, Michigan, USA
   small file icon Late 19th century My father's Uncle Daniel Lyons who wrote the American Dictionary for English words
   small file icon Young Grandma, Bertha Ida Delisle - "Belle of Delray"
   small file icon Grandmother Bertha and Grandfather Patrick Lyons and their Lyons family group, Detroit, Michigan, USA
   small file icon Grandma Bertha Ida Delisle with her children, Michael, Frank, Helen and Margaret
   icon Grandma Bertha Ida Delisle with daughters Helen, Margaret, Loretta and her mother Adeline Pietite
   icon Grandmother Bertha Ida Delisle - (in later years)
   icon My father, young Michael Delisle Lyons (centre), instructor Cass Technical College
   icon 1930 - My father, young Father Michael Lyons, SJ, India
   icon 1901-1974 - My father, Rev Fr., Michael Delisle Lyons, SJ
   icon My mother Agnes Shah (seated), Self & sister Violet
   icon 1964 - Teacher at La Martiniere Girls, Lucknow, India
   icon 1964 - Graduate from St John’s College, Agra, India
   icon Self with Sitar
   icon Self in a sari
   icon Self as the wife of a serving Indian Army officer
   small file icon My son Fabian & other 'friends'
   small file icon 1965 - Self and father, Michael DeLisle Lyons, Denver, Colorado
   small file icon 1965 - Note of acceptance from Father Michael DeLisle Lyons, Denver, Colorado
   small file icon 1966 - Modelling as a Punjabi Bride, India
   small file icon 1967 - Role in a documentary film, Lucknow, India
   small file icon 1968 - Some cuttings from my Scrapbook
   small file icon 1972 - Self & husband Narinder, Perth, Australia
   small file icon 1974 - The end of an era. My father lies buried amongst the Jesuits in Mount Olivetti Cemetary, Denver, Colorado
   small file icon 1976 - My mother Agnes Shah, with my adopted son, Anthony Aman, India
   small file icon 1980 - Self and son Fabian, New Delhi, India
   small file icon 1983 - Self and my two sons, Fabian & Mario, Sydney, Australia
   small file icon 1984 - Self, my mum Agnes Shah, and my two sons Fabian & Mario, Sydney, Australia
   small file icon 1986 - My mother Agnes Shah, Edith, Dolores and my sons Mario & Fabian, Sydney, Australia
   small file icon 1987 - My mother Agnes Shah and my son Fabian with Edith Wright, an aunt to the boys, Sydney, Australia
   small file icon 1987 - Self with sons, Fabian & Mario, Sydney, Australia
   small file icon 1994 - Self & my sister Violet, Sydney, Australia
   small file icon 1997 - Fabian & his American cousin, Detroit, Michigan, USA
   small file icon 1998 - Mario with aunt Dolores
   small file icon 2001 - Presentation of plaque in honour of family's heritage - (cousin Jeff McQueen in blue shirt), Detroit
   small file icon 2001 - Presentation of plaque by the Mayor of Detroit (centre) in honor of family's heritage, Detroit
   small file icon 2002 - My father had dispensation to work for the war effort during WWII to find Beryllium for the Atom Bomb
   small file icon 2003 - Violet’s son Russell Jude, his wife Penny and children, Jonathan & Jessica, Sydney, Australia
   small file icon 2003 - Violet’s grandchildren Jessica and Jonty, Sydney, Australia
   small file icon 2005 - My sister Violet and Self, Dehra Dun, India
   small file icon 2005 - Mario & Self, Dehra Dun, India
   small file icon 2005 - Fabian in Kashmiri attire, Dehra Dun, India
   small file icon 2005 - Violet's daughter Michelle with her sons, baby Neal and Sean, Dehra Dun, India
   small file icon 2005 - Back L-R: Michelle, Violet, Fabian, Self & Patricia. Front L-R: Sean, Russel Gardner and Mario, Dehra Dun, India
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