OFFICIAL NEWS OF THE DNA - Contact Mad Max DNA Immortal Chief at
OFFICIAL NEWS OF THE DNA - Contact Mad Max DNA Immortal Chief at


A number of DNA ghost ships carried out a daring raid in Battlefield this week and almost pulled off a clean sweep as the naplain resistance continued against the Evil Consortium.

They slide through Battlefield like a knife through genetically modified butter, the SMS guard was down. It was not long before the found the furry underbelly of a Felini target, an undefended strategic large outpost within the secure heart of Battlefield. The naplian ship PU-240 struck many times pounding the starbase with photon rays and torpedoes all directly hitting the large FEL OUTPOST WYTCHWOOD (25191) - {2-1} 78 kMus.

Message to : SMS Fleet Commodore Hucuron Baalazar

From : Mad Max DNA Immortal Chief

Your claims don't disguise your intent to bring 100 plus warships to Mandy to escalate the battles.

19 warships on day 1, to defend your weak HQ of course and your starbases LOL.

Once the bodies of SMS miners fell from the skies to litter the sea with the hundreds of bombers you sent, and the millions of missiles you fired, you sensed, that it was pointless. The humans and naplians grow stronger in our resolve against you, time is approaching when your citizens will overthrow you and your Captain's desert you and the SMS fragment.

Yet whilst we declare a truce on Mandy you take prisoners by raiding our fallen ships and consecrating them. The naplains and human's of Angel's Nest are appalled by your barbaric behaviour, protests will commence on Mandy until you return our hero's.

If it is peace you want I offer this opportunity.

If the SMS clear the DNA from target lists and won't support the FCN and FEL anywhere on your lists then we will not target SMS ships and declare peace with the SMS. Finally remove yourself from the Evil Consortium remove your shielding ships from their systems it is very simple, save your people. Stop wasting your platform hulls on defending the Felini.

Are the FCN and Felini really worth your deaths, do they pay you well for your bodyguard duties you provide?

Join forces with the DNA neutralise the treachery of your allies and of your past and together we can defeat the evil you shield and you can take your own place in history. SMS Corporate rule of peace, harmony and rich prosperity in Acropolis, & Skye.

Mad Max
DNA Immortal Chief

Lily Savage reporting.

**** All ships are requested to avoid the orbit of planet Mandy in Audrey System for your own sake. ***

Darligns, for another day the SMS relentless starbase assault on Angel's Nest continue SMS Bombers have just left the smoking Angels Nest, some hits clearly have been seen after last nights SMS Orbital bombardment as well. DNA starbase not firing back.

But only moments ago, after 2 days of little or no response, DNA Starbase Angel's Nest however opened fire for the first time in the conflict on a number of SMS ships entering the war zone blowing them to into small portions with missiles and torpedoes, poor little fellas dropping from them wrapped in cling film towards our orbital scans.

SMS Steak Baguette (6266)
SMS Roast Chicken (95394)
SMS Chips in Brown Gravy (76768)
SMS Dunkin Donuts (32988)

As to why the DNA targetting computer choose these ships and ignored the fleet of warships in orbit is anyone's guess but may be the abacus's are programmed to identify meals rather then warships! Rumour has it the DNA copied illegal software from the RIP Quick Snack, but this has been denied.

Now we have reports that a Dominion ship or two is smoking and splashed with missiles. The war office has announced that they knew nothing of this attack!

The war office confirmed DNA has no beef with the DOM, and will replace any losses.

The War office has confirmed it would be contacting the software manufacturers to review their targeting abacus's which is believed to be infected with a mother of a virus and operating off it's own accord.

*** All ships are requested to avoid the orbit of planet Mandy in Audrey System for your own sake. ***

This is Lily Savage, looking for a toilet, back to the news Desk.

11 x SMS warships were destroyed in the final conflict by DNA
Starbase Angel's Nest when they entered lower orbit.

Darlings, this is Lily Savage reporter for the Naplian News Network.

I am standing on the mountain on the planet Mandy next to the NNN shuttle. Dramatic news is unfolding in front of me. In the sea over there to my right is the DNA's last starbase the rusty old DNA Angel's Nest. Over there to my left on a large island two large SMS starbases, and in the middle a large GTT base on the main island.

The DNA starbase floats on pontoons in the rough Sea of Mandy, an amazing achievement of naplian engineering, beaten only by the magnificent tall suspension bridge towering to mainland built by the hundreds of naplians and humans. For so long it has been peaceful until yesterday.

Reports from the Ministry of War indicated that a rogue DNA ship committed suicide by driving his ship close to the SMS starbase and gave it the bird, apparently not a squawking Falconian. A number of torpedoes departed the DNA ship as it tried to ram the SMS HQ. The SMS destroyed the Ship and set about destroying other peaceful DNA warships in orbit, suspecting a DNA attack was happening.

Reports indicate as many as 4 or 5 DNA warships were blown to pieces. SMS starbses launched all weapons against the DNA starbase, DNA warships not triggered by the battle looked on in anger and took their vengence out on two SMS freighters nearby blowing them up. Over there in the shallows lies a DNA platform destroyed by the SMS that fell from orbit smashing into a tangled pile of steel and rust.

In a chaotic day Mad Max himself explained to the GTT that the unfortunate incident was an isolated case of the suspected suicidal syndrome bought upon by Evil Consortium oppression. Mad Max requested all forces to stand down to avoid further escalation. Mad Max has reportedly accepted GTT sanctions to restrict ship movements to keep the peace last night.

But in a dramatic escalation a large number of SMS warships entered orbit and the atmosphere and dived upon Angel's Nest unleashing a torrid battery over night. Surprisingly Angels Nest did not return fire as ordered by Mad Max but relied on its shielding to limit the damage.

It is now first light over the planet, and if we look at the SMS starbases you can see alot of activity, and there they go.... smoke as thousands of missiles and torpedoe trails light the sky heading towards DNA Angels Nest.

Oh my word, thousands of missiles and now a determined defensive barrage is being fired to knock them out. The noise is horrific and I need to change my knickers. Missiles and shrapnel lands in millions of splashes around the Angel's Nest. And still Angel's Nest does not fire back, but an angry naplain artillery brigade fires back some shells to the Evil Consortium bases.

More missiles are launched to my left and now SMS Bombers fly over head picking up speed as they dive down towards Angel's Nest. Now the gantries light up with fire the determined naplians firing a barrage of AAA against the invaders, SMS bombers are intercepted and the rest probably 50 or so go wheeling into the gantries, all but a few exploding. Suddenly Angel's Nest launches it's own ground bombers and they chase the handful of SMS surviving bombers back to the starbase where they attack the SMS starbase.

Now over to the news desk I got to get out the way.

Thank you Lily please keep your head down.

As you can expect many military/political analysts are now studying the reports. One anaylst Cladwell Bloomberger is on the line, what do you make of it Cladwell?

Well, Michael, Angels Nest seems a resilient little starbase the gantries are taking out SMS ground bombers and as seen in the fottage there are thousands of craft sinking in the seas. Certainly the DNA defences are also knocking out SMS attempts to pound the starbase into dust. I have seen one gantry on fire and one pontoon sinking but I think you can give alot of credit to the DNA defences at this starbase. It's defences have the hallmarks of Mad Max's hand.

Quite clearly the DNA is showing restraint and holding back naval fire against SMS warships, and SMS starbases, DNA warships have also left the conflict area.

However, we are talking the SMS here and they have shown they will attack in neutral or others space to seek their ends so not sure even whether they will stop. The SMS appear to be getting away with escalating the fight and punishing the DNA whilst the DNA rely on negotiation with the GTT. I suspect the reveiling of a secret SMS base developing WoMD in Skye has not helped the DNA.

The populace has started to evacuate some of the less well protected parts of the starbase across the bridge and shuttles reportedly have fled although I can confirm over a dozen shuttles are lying destroyed in the shuttle ports. I don't know how long Mad Max can hold back commanders demanding a massive response to the SMS escalation.

Excuse me, we got Mike on the line on the street in Angels Nest, over to you Mike.....

......Yes... oh, hi, we are online, I am here in a shop front as you can see the explosions have smashed the glass but its intact. I heard explosions in Poontoon avenue but surprisingly most of the damage is coming from falling SMS missiles shot out the sky.

There are a number of resiliant naplian blighters that are collecting SMS missile MKIII souveniers, their parents quickly taking them back under the gantries where they reside or into the underwater parts of the starbase.

I can count as many as 100 SMS fighters downed in the starbase itself empailed on the gantries. The night-time bombardment by the SMS ships brought down certainly one if not two gantries with a large magasine explosion.

But the DNA offensive weapons have remained silent, there is alot of public pressure to hit the SMS for this, I got one human here, why we suffer like this, why destroy our famous base, why the rich b*stids over the island care not for naplains or humans they want us illiminated for good, watch choice for us, we must hit back. with that he thrusts a fist up

...... connection lost

Since the COH change of leadership and their hasty retreat from the Evil Consortium the DNA reviewed last week options to make peace. Mad Max reportedly stated that he would not target COH shipping whilst they had left officially the Evil Consortium. This positive step, was also noted with a word of caution that the DNA would still discuss assets on Squamatta following the removal of the Evil Consortium from the planet that the DNA is monitoring.

Behind Enemy Lines author Mad Max's latest best selling book

Exclusive release

Chapter 12 The Evil Consortium's WoMD Base in Skye

Many years ago the Confederates and the Imperials destroyed an Ancient Space Station identified as a Skord Alien Artifact, so that it would never fall into the hands of any faction. Unitl now many have wondered what happened to it and assumed it destroyed but Mad Max reviels it is in the hands of the Evil Consortium and they are busily usingit for their evil ends.

A massive energy signature has been detected since naplian forces have been monitoring it.
Visit it for yourselves, a must for all naplian tours, at SMS OUTPOST PSI CXIII (36848) - {1-1} 31 kMus - Hiport

Watch the Evil Consortium run up the excuses for this when published close to year 206.

Quadrant Beta 13 - Skye System (191)

>TU 300: Enter Orbit {8027}
Entering orbit of Psi CXIII (8027)
A massive energy signature is detected near to this strange and probably
artificial world.
SMS OUTPOST PSI CXIII (36848) - {1-1} 31 kMus - Hiport
SMS OUTPOST PSI CXIII ORBITAL (98680) - {0-0} 1 kMus

In the next paragraph Behind Enemy Lines the DNA reveal the contents.

Mad Max On Stage

The auditorium is rocking with thousands of naplians and many other races, and their is a real buzz. Pictures of Crusade System filter over the visual displays clearly indicating the DNA activity in Crusade.

Mad Max is lifted up to the stage by some humans.

Mad Max> I have come here to explain why the war takes a new development.

The evil justification proposed by the SMS for their attack on the DNA in Twinkle recently and I quote

is that the DNA used Twinkle as a base for attacks on the Consortium and had ships docked at High Star being repaired after combat damage resulting from being engaged by Consortium forces within Consortium systems.


1. The DNA has never docked capital warships at IRS High Star for repair or maintenance. We have only traded their like any other public trader and moved peacefully through the stargate as like any other affiliation. Mad Max holds his hands up and shrugs his shoulders little as they are.

2. The DNA uses multiple systems to attack the Consortium in the Cluster and we repair our ships at locations unrevealed or at Angels Nest. Are the SMS blind to all the DNA ship movements above their HQ starbase into Angel's Nest. Don't they realise other affiliations offer repair sites. The SMS are either dodo's or liars, or probably both. Have they caught the Avian flu?

< lots of laughing breaks out in the crowd, then coughing, and flapping of digits and lots of strange Avian chirps>

3. Whilst the IRS were always pointed in their comments (which was most entertaining) they kept the stargate free and friendly and did not attack anyone. The Evil Consortium encouraged Haynes into conflict situations again and again to try to justify their ends which is the control of the Stargate and Twinkle.

The Future

a.. My recommendation to the IRS is to close the stargate for it is of little use to us.
b.. The DNA offers its council and support for any IRS ships in Cluster needing aid. We offer the hand of friendship and an alliance.
c.. Clearly, certain assumptions can now be used to justify attacks on third parties and your enemies whether they actually are or not aiding your enemies.
d.. The SMS's intention is to take Freedom away, unfortunately this has failed.
e.. The war has widened and we now joyously embrace it, for it is written we will be victorious and FREE, our forces are growing and our time is coming. (with that the crowd start jumping up and down, and point two long digits in the air, and start chanting Freedom Freedom Freedom)
This was brought to you by Naplian News Network free to air subscription available, funds payable to the DNA Fight for Freedom.


NNN News Flash :

A Little DNA Naplian warship in Gamma 10 Twinkle was destroyed by two large Felini warships.

This escalation into neutral space comes after the attacks on the IRS for no apparent reason other then for evil intent and conquest of Twinkle.

The DNA advises that no warning was received by the Captain and the surprise attack by the Felini was successful in round 1 as a fireball resulted.

Previously the Felini claimed that another attack months ago thwarted by the DNA was a mistake in Twinkle.

Clearly the Evil Consortium are showing their true deceitful colours again in Twinkle and arrogance for affiliations to trade there and travel in Twinkle in safety.

The DNA is reviewing it's position and canceling order for ships passing through the stargate tomorrow.

---------------------------------Battle Summary---------------------------------

FEL MO Clown's Folly (50770) - Ship
Nemesis Class Capital Ship {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 80.0 Scints: 20.0
Retreated from battle
FEL MO Fool's Gift (3862) - Ship
Nemesis Class Capital Ship {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 80.0 Scints: 20.0
Retreated from battle
DNA Toxic (20795) - Ship
Ambush Cruiser Class Destroyer {Medium Armour}
Armour: XX
Hull Damage: 100.0%
Retreated from battle

Mad Max lifts the lid on the Felini in the Cluster
Mad Max quoted as saying today : My heart goes to those in Twinkle who have kept peace their for many years till now. The Felini leader Mrrshn the Dishonourable and the horrible, you know the nasty cat with dodgy eyes. He always had intentions of securing Twinkle for himself with a smile. Of course he will deny profusly but evidence of their actions and what I know suggests otherwise.

In discussions in our alliance a long time back, he mentioned to me that Twinkle would one day return to Felini quoting the Clan Accords. But without a presence in Twinkle it was hard for him to do that and that it would be a very long and slow process, and politically needed to get around some of the larger affiliations to do it. Well, it appears that the Felini are now muscling in on Twinkle and the system will soon be theirs. Getting a foothold was essential for the Felini. The DNA expect the Felini to slowly undermine the IRS to a point where they are defeated and remove their enemies too like the FLZ from the Cluster

Their intent is clear.

Mrrshan said on 4/5/04

It is my profound hope that in time peace and neutrality of Twinkle can be regarded in a similar way to that of Yank, respected by all.

Clearly, the furry fleabag of dishonor is at it again destroying ships of his choosing in systems of his choosing. What the Felini do and say are two different things. There is an agreement in Avalon with the Felini and the Dom. I just wonder if the fleabag is considering undermining the Dom too, if he hasn't already.

All best from the Pointed Stik.

Mad Max
DNA Immortal Chief

Signal from space arrives....

Mad Max appears at a press briefing standing on a box.

I have little to say other then watch and learn fellow naplians, humans and supporters of freedom. A battle video is played.

Star Date 205.28.5
Ship after ship peals off and signals with a flare to the Flagship as they prepare to drive into battle. They turn on their battle music, as attacks on the Consortium are stepped up. As many as 20 DNA warships come past, the likes of which never seen before armed with many torpedos and missiles.

As the command ship joins the forward fleet the Admiral Hrh Prince Altuk soon realises that they have run into serious trouble.

We have run into a large SMS carrier fleet code name Steel, not scheduled to be here, don't understand, many carriers and supporting warships of large size we are going head to head. Sir

Lets not panic Leutenant.

We have them pinned Sir

Good Fire at will Leutenant

Torpedos are launched from DNA Warships as the battle commences, the Naplian ships get in first with their attack, but point defence is strong.

Large number of incoming SMS space fighters and beam weapons, sir

The results after round 1 are staggering, very low hits, DNA ships taking some damage. One DNA ships goes hurtling into trouble

What's wrong, their point defence is staggering, this is bad, we are not configured for this battle says Hrh Prince Altuk we will not get to our intended target, in fact we may lose many ships possible all, this is unthinkable.

Round 2 and the result are as worst damage to SMS ships appears minimal.

Round 3 and 4 the situation deepens.

Destroyed DNA Sparkler
Destroyed DNA Rainbow Warrior
Destroyed DNA Demon

Despite launching near to 1000 pieces of ammo 2% success rate this is ridiculous shouts Hrh Prince Altuk.

We are in deep trouble our reinforcements cannot match theirs due tomorrow, we are losing this fight we must escape intact, we cannot get trapped here orders Hrh Prince Altuk

Ok Sound the escape routine signal. We are going to need some heroic captains to lay down their lives to ensure this plan works, if we get out of this with any fleet left. orders Hrh Prince Altuk

As the DNA ships prepare to disengage, a second SMS fleet is sited rapidly approaching and a third force made up of FCN ships, the combined fleet numbers some 40 heavy warships against remaining 17 lighter DNA warships.

Now Captains with that the DNA ships give out a huge scream and in co-oridination, perform backwards circular movements and disapear into the dark, clear of the warzone.

DNA Razor's Edge engines fail and is destroyed
DNA Worm Hunter pins a number of SMS ships and it's last courageous seconds
DNA Crown of Thorns stands her ground and launches everything she has as her hulls crumble slowly.

THe Admiral surveys the sector, we are back, good, ok lets count them back,

1,2,3, 4,5,6, 7,8,9, 10,11, .. 12, 13, made it back, two were staying seems as if we lost one more Sir.

All capital ships made it back though Sir impressive move.

Hrh Prince Altuk clenches his fist,


Warships are all intact sir, reinforcements are enquiring whether they want to join. No will wait for the next opportunity, refuel them and make a report to Max.

In his video report to Mad Max, he states, with clenched fist we may have lost this little battle but we escaped with more ships then ever thought possible. They will not get a better chance like this again, many ships were saved on this day. They missed the best chance they will get.

If only I can get to threw the shield of SMS ships to the soft feathers of the Falconians we would have done much damage, we learnt much and can repay them in force

The video ends.

Mad Max sits there knowlingly on a box and looks at reporters, ( actually standing but its hard to tell ). The families have been informed, I would like to commend postumously Captain Worm, Captain Red Head, and fellow brave human Captain Wilkinson, for medals of honour whose actions saved our fleet.

I have not accepted HRH Prince Altuk resignation following this small defeat. I have informed him to return to his fleet and re-configure the battle abacus and honour the dead that saved us. Their is much to learn from this and we will be back better equiped. I have ordered replacement ships and weapons and the fleet will be back in action, we move onto the next attack. Thank you.

An aid steps up as Mad Max jumps off the box. Reporters clammer for questions,,, the signal fades.....

In a speech leaked by officials, contrary to sub space static, the DNA announced with much celebration, the return of the experienced Admiral B'tai Hazra and his Grizzley and the new young brilliant Captain Von Torp in the Ambush Curiser. The DNA today confirmed a total of only 3 ships losses in Void not 5 as was previously reported.

Von Torp was awarded highest award for bravery and courage under fire, and is understood to have been promoted for the second time in recent months for his actions and daring escape. Both escaped with brilliant ingenuity overwhelming BHD forces including 25 BHD capital ships in Void. This brought to an abrupt end a rescue attempt to seize Cleopatra from the clutches of the CIA. Some crew members from other ships were also recovered and are planning to return to active duty.

The loss of the Ravager Alien Angel (3328) and her crew is deeply missed and should be recorded in the logs of ship historians. All crew received posthumous awards of long service and bravery along with the other two ships.

DNA sources confirmed a DNA Battleship in Twinkle was targeted but accelerated clear of a FEL warship to avoid an outbreak of hostilities. The situation in Twinkle for DNA shipping is believed to have remained calm.

Recently a DNA explorer in Battlefield was attacked and destroyed by the SMS, who are now installing defensive positions in Battlefield and shielding the Felini and Falconian System from attacks.

A DNA freighter in Kasmer fell to Pirate Large the same day. Their families have been notified. DNA sources have firmly pointed the digit at the Falconian's for reporting DNA freighters positions in Imperial territory to Pirate Large, and would not rule out close Falconian pirate connections.

Stardate 24.5 DNA Angels Nest
Another execution

Following last weeks rather lengthy execution at the end of a stik, the naplians rigged up a light rail gun to execute the latest operative trying to steal a blueprint at DNA Angel's Nest.

As the naplian crowd gathered the operative was tied to a post at a length of chain to add to the fun. The operative flew about avoiding the shots as the rail gun exploded into life. The operative stood little chance and was splattered into parts but then the naplian gunner seemed to loose control in the excitement and suddenly a shot accidently fired into the crowd, who were standing far too close for their own safety. A naplian crew member died in the explosion.

The executed operative was swept up by a squad of naplian cleaners, as they tried to identify the dead naplian crew member.

Applications can be made to NNN if you want to attend the next DNA execution. A larger execution facility is currently being built.

News flash:

A political crisis emerged late last night from naplian bars.

A retired DNA political Cleopatra was kidnapped by the CIA boarding party in GTT space, naplian reports confirm. The incident happened in Void System.

System Message:
This system is claimed by GTT Black Pig for the GTT.
Anyone wanting to establish outposts in this system must first obtain a
permit from GTT HQ. Only personal applications will be considered.

The ship Eye of Ra(2011) one of the oldest in the DNA fitted with the latest surveliience technology was boarded by over 200 CIA human marines when it was forced to land under fire from a new previously unidentifed new alien identified as UNK.

The crew had waited for UNK to disapear and had just finished repairs and were about to take off, when suddenly CIA marines and storm troopers stormed the ship. A fierce battle for control of the ship took place and a number of naplian crew and storm troopers were killed. Heavily outnumbered the ship fell to the boarders who now control it.

Retired naplian Cleopatra in her late years is unlikely to withstand CIA physical torture similar to that delivered to the DEN political.

Her fragile body may be small, but she is strong and certainly was reportedly hitting the CIA marines with her naplian handbag and swearing at them after capture. Whether she can survive the torture so visibly demonstrated by the DEN political earlier this week remains to be seen.

In an interview with Mad Max who was dragged away from the military campaign against the Evil Consortium to manage the Cleopatra granny crisis (as many reporters call it) informed the naplain press that:

Cleopatra was a senior retired political DNA elder and a personal friend of mine, but was not carrying any sensitive information, rather ensuring safe passage for freighters, and gathering important new information on a new alien that we now have in our possession. If sadly her death comes to pass she would have died honourably and with great courage having transmitted new information on a new alien technology and ships in the course of her retirement surveillence work. Her ship came under fire from this hithertoo unknown alien spiecies that she cleverly avoided by landing on the planets surface with the skill we expect of one of our elders.

Why the CIA would undertake these political kidnapping is unclear although it might have something to do with the introduction of a new alien, only identified as UNK or may be political ransome from the Evil Consortium.

Whatever the reason his action of the CIA is deplorable. Communications to their office have not received any reply, matters have been escalated with an offical response expected shortly.

Mad Max concluded, I would not rule out intervention in neutral space against CIA assets, in a similar manner to that the DEN has recently undertook following their political kidnapping by the CIA.


Unlike many other races, naplian political's love their ships and normally travel in them and command operations from them. This is seen as highly risky from normal land loving politicals of the peripheries. In fact being in a starbase or outpost is considered dangerous to naplians.

The Eye of Ra has organic hulls, last modified by the late ANT race in co-operation with the DNA and is designated Intruder class sensor ship.

Naplian News Network ...News Flash...more Voodoo Star Date 205.20.4

A large explosion of glittering ores cuts the silence in Gamma 7, two DNA ships ambush a SMS fast freighter in seconds.... and head for more prey deep in Felini space.

Captain Von Torp's Log Star Date 205.20.4

Enemy proximity warning...database correlating -SMS Ship EI fleet {75 normal Hull} Free Trader..engagement rules...attack and eliminate.

Message from:

DNA Ship Voodoo
Pc Escort Class Fast Freighter

Captain Spin Doctor - SMS fast freighter coming off starboard quickly, I'll encourage them with a few torps to come your way Von Torp.

DNA SHIP Princesse Christine von Salm
Ambush Cruiser Class Destroyer

Captain Von Torp - Affirmative

Steady , full thrust engage combat engines, nice and close here we come, come to me, parallel course locking, come to me now, locked, fire one, fire two, load Proximity warheads fire three, four fire.

Torpedoes away Captain.

Save your torps for warships this fast freighter can run but it can't hide - set new course to gamma 8....good job

---------------------------------Battle Summary---------------------------------

SMS EI-T Messenger (3469) - Ship
Free Trader Class Fast Freighter {No Armour}
Shields: 560(16.6)
Hull Damage: 100.0%

a.. Von Torp is a young naplian Captain whose abilities are shinning.
b.. Naplian Voodoo dolls are now widely available at every popular naplian bar, proceeds go to freeing naplian prisoners in the Cluster.

NNN 16/5/05

Naplian bars are full of news of a daring FLZ raid in the inner rings of Battlefield system.

FEL Cat's Eye (2706) - outpost 22kmu BLOWN UP!

5 FLZ ships reportedly struck their target poking it with torpedoes, and swiftly departed unscathed. This FLZ raid was described as Better then a poke in the eye with a sharp stik.

This is apparently the second successful FLZ attack on Felini outposts in as many weeks according to one little naplian, who held her replica Furball voodoo doll up and stabbed it repeatedly with a cocktail stik.

Mad Max refused to comment on what was frustrated Falconian propaganda, but was seen comparing his face to Harkon's vulture features. Mad Max thought Harkon was the most ugliest and distasteful bird he had ever seen, and joked even the backside of a Kastorian Cow looked better then Harkon's vulture face, and certainly had less crap on it and produced less flatulence

A spokesnaplian for the Mad Max's office continued: furthermore:

The claims of the Falconians are misleading, the DNA gave their assets in a deal via the FGZ to the Krell in Storm as was always intended. The DNA never had long term plans* in Storm but the succession of the Krell to independence and peace was our only goal whihc was achieved and we are proud of progress to date. The Falconians threatened this by dividing and splitting the Krell against the DNA any dirty way they could. We took action to neutralize their actions helping the Krell to indepenance much to FCN displeasure. We look forward to the day when the Krell claim the system for themselves and the FCN fraudulent claim for the system is removed. The attack on DNA assets will be avenged until this day they hand assets back to the Krell and clear out of Storm system.

The Falconians should observe carefully the face of Mad Max as it will be the last memory they see before they die under Harkons leadership. Mad Max expects that Harkons brain is alot smaller then his ego to even grasp this. Only by practical demonstration to the Falconians will they understand.

Furthermore the DNA gave all outposts to the FEL and COH forces in return for the release of DNA blue prints and release of our soldiers who proved so brave holding Supernova for 2 weeks against 8-1 odds. Only some Blue prints were returned and the soldiers held prisoner or forced into slavery, needless to say the Consortium with all their wealth could never stick to a deal just like the Felini Tyrant that dishonorable one. They will pay with many lives for their continual dishonor, and allies of them will be spared no quarter.

The Falconian's destroyed four outposts the DNA would not defend due to the Falconian and Consortium Naval power it was a clear trap. A number of Krell lives were lost at the expesnse of Falconian actions but the DNA naval forces were not trapped in Storm.

Tactical retreat the FCN call it. Yet before DNA's visit to Acropolis the DNA hardly ever existed according to commentators and was destroyed, even Mad Max was confirmed dead.

I ask you who do you believe?

Mad Max said he would come to Acropolis and he did, he won't stop there till the debts are paid, he is on a destiny that has been written

*A long term plan is over 8 years in DNA history, anything other then that is considered short term. A war is 8 years or longer according to DNA tradition.

Spokesnaplian For and on behalf of

Mad Max
DNA Immortal Chief

NNN Newsflash October 27, 2005

Reports indicate the RIP and DNA are at peace again, this follows the RIP leaving the Evil Consortium.

FCN Heavy Hull Battleships destroyed and Crippled

A signficant naval blow was struck against the FCN forces, 2 x 100 Hull Capital Battleships the largest in the FCN fleet were cracked from starboard to Port as they were ambushed by DNA forces and FLZ warships.

DNA forces concentrated attacks on the 2 x Battleships and engaged 4 more warships after successfully destroying 2 light hull ships the previous day.

Battle Footage inside an Ambush Crusier

[ Perfect, FCN Battleships, get close this opportunity won't come easily again, Go in hard go in fast and don't look back, fire one, fire two,...torps are streaming towards the Battleships, CRACK, CRACK, set interception course for the 2nd Battleship don't let it escape, wohooo]

[Explosions rip thru the space static again and again as the torps find their mark, space bombers and space fighters return zooming past and engaging the burning FCN Battleships for a second time. A DNA Ambush Cruiser Ghost of Mad Max is on the radio and claiming to have struck a killer blow.]

[A huge FLZ warship passes by, firing a tremendous pulse at the bewildered FCN Battleships.]

Reports indicate DNA & FLZ Warships have jumped and escaped a larger incoming SMS and FCN fleet with no losses.

There are huge jublilations reported but yet no official comment.

Only 3 slightly damaged DNA ships were spotted, 2 apprently already fully repaired were seen in Yank.

You wouldn't even think there has been a battle a young naplian hanging over a fence looking at the shipyard reported, these Ambush Cruisers look cool.

Falconians under seige
In a heavily reinforced planet a FCN outpost in Acropolis has fallen to FLZ forces. Raging DNA troops have been seen rushing through it forcing FCN forces to flee, feathers flying everywhere. A FCN GP was destroyed.

DNA losses
The DNA has also now reported that a brave freighter has been lost together with a spy ship in Acropolis. These are first reported DNA losses. There are minimal casualties as a result of heroic actions beyond the call of duty.

Further update:
A ground party also has not signed back after trying to board a FCN platform and we are hearing that orbital bombardment has meant that DNA GPs have been been destroyed but so to a FCN outpost mostly by their own FCN bombardment.

The following Orbital Message was identified:

Entering orbit of Pralor (108)
Oxygen is outgassing at a large rate.
FCN Invasion of Storm and destruction of DNA outposts is being avenged by
the DNA. You will never sleep safely in your nest no matter how much you reinforce them. Mad Max moves unseen. But he sees all; he infiltrates all, and eliminates all.


The FCN's have 3 Battleships known to the DNA.

FCN Ship Size Does Matter (29001) 100 Heavy Hull Battleship Class Capital Ship has broken into little pieces and been destroyed. It had photon weaponary and was well known to Naplian Naval strategists. It was successfully ambushed by DNA Ambush Cruisers and growing number of DNA warships in Acropolis.

FCN Ship Kazara (56363) 100 Heavy Hull Battleship Class Capital Ship is of similar design and weaponary also was exhibiting similar large fractures.

Reports of eager DNA Captains looking for the 3rd Battleship are unconfirmed.

The Naplian Part 8

Drum beat

That night the naplian ship left flying low over mobile bay to the rhythmical sound of drumbeats growing loader as each tribe struck the same beat.

The drums don't stop, they beat on and on day after day, night after night on a growing number of naplian worlds.

The Naplian Part 9

Party at Angel's Nest

News spreads fast, brought by naplian travellers from Yank. The dramatic re-appearance of the reincarnated Mad Max.

The sound of the drums, night after night drives you mad. Naplian's are streaking across the gantries and the sound of bottles falling from them is heard. Speakers mounted in the high gantries point to the main land announcing Mad Max is alive and well and there is going to be big celebration.

Some windows shatter in Angel's Nest as the beat vibrates.

One large light show depicts 2 M's shinning brightly in the night sky from the gantries of Angels Nest.

SMS soldiers look on bemused at the partying naplians and shake their heads.

*** Further Naplian Communications ***

From the same source:

The Naplian Part 6: Comet signals Funeral.

As the dark sky closes in, a comet grows bright in the sky, it's trail of ice stretches out to the horizon.

As the sun sets slowly on Mobile bay the birthplace of a certain Naplian, torches grow brighter along the route around the valley in a passing over Naplian ceremony.

The scene is of hundreds of thousands of Naplians holding torches as they crowd around a huge wooden barque made in the shape of a starship. It is being carried down the valley to the shoreline by the naplians. There is a figure lying on top.

The Naplian wearing a headdress and mask starts some ritual dance as naplians gather onto the shoreline and gaze to the wooden platform where the act is staged.

After a while all the naplians start chanting some trance song in rhyme. They bounce up and down row by row in synchronised dance. Row by row they move closer to the barque.

At this point the communication to IGN headquarters broke off. But fortunately it resumed later:

The Naplian Part 7: Shaman's Death.

The scene is of hundreds of naplians holding torches and sticks as they crowd around a large wooden barque made in the likeness of a massive starship.

The Naplian leading the ceremony in a mask and headdress, lays a large torch on the barque and starts some chant. The funeral barque burns slowly A lamenting song begins sad Naplian's morn the death of a loved one. The funeral barque burns very slowly along with the words and along with that the end of an era. The naplians seemed to have now given up on their lost leader missing in action nearly a year ago.

Some of the naplians fall to the ground there seems to be some commotion.

The comet that appeared so brightly is gone.

A wind blows sparks from the barque and a clap of thunder is heard although there are no clouds in the sky. The naplians back off from the barque as a dramatic smoke plume engulfs the funeral barque and a crunch re-verberates.

As the smoke clears a black space ship de-cloaks slowly and sits proud on the barque.

There is no question of it's occupant, a small Naplian flanked by veteran marines steps out of the ship carrying a stik. He walks across the hot ashes of his funeral as if they are not there, expressionless.

Drums strike up to a new tune.

The drum beat gets louder there are expressions of joy as the Naplian falls to the ground in prayer as the ground party walks past them.

The beat gets quicker, the black leather clad naplians are held aloft, chaos is breaking out. All the stiks and long finger like digits are raised in a frenzy of excitement now. A sea of Naplian torches and stiks move down the bay in excitement.

Behind is left the funeral remnants and a ship with some naplians hastily building some wooden message out of the barque and ash: PROPHECY.

The events reported in these Naplian communications seem extraordinary to the IGN, and staff reporters have been dispatched to investigate further.

The Naplian Part 5 Week12 Day3 205

*Leaf fall*

The Naplians sit around discussing what is to become of Cleopatra. In the last 3 days, there have been alien ritual dances and offerings to the spirits. Elderly Naplian’s start some discussion and start moving off to ask permission from the spiritual ancestors.

I slipped through the undergrowth, my curiosity got the best of me, although I realised I could be killed for this report.

Cleopatra has been preparing for months, what you are about to see no human has ever seen.

In a sacred clearing only known to very few naplians, Cleopatra sits, head bowed.

Cleopatra holds a large alien leaf , it rises and falls as prayers and chants and sweet essence fills the air.

Naplian spiritual artists undertake sand drawings, I duck lower under a large leaf plant, trying to keep my breathing slow but my heart beats fast.

Cleopatra is told by another Shaman that the ancestrial spirits are troubled. The spirits have determined that a test is required. This is Naplian black magic never previously seen. A alien palm leaves are repeatedly hit on the naplians head. If the leaves fall off the ancestors are unhappy and Cleopatra will be executed at this spot. A large 4ft Naplian with a stick rubs the point with a stone.

No leaves fall, Cleopatra lifts her head up, a lament by other naplain’s begins, naplians start to morn the death of a loved one.

Cleopatra leaves slowly and the lamenting naplians follow her, I leave too, slipping away as slowly as I dare.

*Start of transmission
I hope this gets out of Supernova, this could well be the last report, large parts of Supernova are now in the hands of the Children of Hexos, but they have taken a huge hammering , as I sit here giving this report
I know it could be the last as COH Warriors are cutting through the doors of the Naplian News Network Broadcast centre as I speak.
Headlines ****Two weeks of fighting and killing of COH and Felini forces as they FAIL TO SIEZE SUPERNOVA despite rumours that the DNA and Felini have willingly accepting peace terms.***
The COH largely now control the base but strange events continue to frustrate them. Even DNA troops dug in secret tunnels are at a loss to explain the supernatural mysteries that have caused extensive COH and
FEL losses DNA troops refuse to come out at night or even sleep as murderous screams from the COH troops are heard in the dark night. A recording of Max started playing by itself, it was broadcasted across
the starbase this lead to an increased COH attacks on the starbase but unfortunately killed more or their own troops then DNA. This seemed to occur on a regular basis.
Reports of a cloaked little grey shape have been seen walking the caves but blaster weapons seem to have no effect on it. Felini troops reportedly opened fire on it but only hit more of their own troops whilst chasing naplians though the cave system.
Invading forces are frightened and shooting anything that moves. Even their own bombers outside are being shot at? Anything in the dark caves are being shot at including their own troops in the backside. Hive COH
troops seek out each cave and now have come to ours. COH and FEL ships have been targetting COH and FEL forces from orbit, as if they are cursed or controlled by supernatural forces. DNA ships have successfully escaped COH SMS and FEL ships as if they
weren't there.
Reports of a heroic rescue of Pallas Maunder stretchered from the wreck of the engine room of the Garbage Scow continue to boost the DNA troops.
He was assumed dead in the wreckage of the oldest Garbage Scow the Cataphoric Reference, but, the miracle crew got him out, apparently the crew fought off waves of space fighters protecting him as the elderly
Pallas Maunder was rescued by a medical team and flown off the planet. Reports coming in today indicate that the Garbage Scow blew up taking
those heroes in it just after Pallas Maunders rescue.
And now there is strong suspicion that the whole place is haunted as waves of FEL bombers attack COH troops as the confusion continues, if the Felini and COH expected a clean and quick decisive battle were mistaken.....
This is Little hairy stand in reporter for the Naplian News Network I got to go now. Hang on, I have just been handed this new communication.
Skislip Placid has surrendered himself and requests all DNA forces surrender to COH positions immediately. Apparently counter signed by Cleopatra Acting Commander in Chief. This follows a deal to release naplians and certain technology and to stop the fighting on both sides.
The young Naplian starts to cry, and wipes his big eyes. The DNA has hung on here with one defence force against hundreds of COH and FEL positions for 2 weeks refusing to give up the Naplian Dream Mad Max gave
us, whilst MAd Max still walks these caves in some form. They have fought so bravely so outnumbered and they could for more weeks to come but they have given the DNA life and now a chance to walk out of here alive.
Some may survive and be transported off world, lets hope....Against all odds the DNA will walk out of Supernova heads held high having held it bravely for 2 weeks against overwhelming numbers and left the enemies
confused and dying.END Transmission abruptly ended to the sound of explosions and blaster

*Following the recent upheaval in Skye the Felini Tyranny (49) have
claimed Skye(191) in an effort to bring peace and stability to the system. Skye is now classed as restricted FEL space.
Could the owners/governors of ANY outposts, starbases or platforms in Skye created on or before stardate 204.17.1 please notify this office to register them. There is a two week deadline for registration.
No new outposts, starbases or platforms are to be created without the
explicit permission of Tyrant Mrrshan(tyrant@f...), Avatar Mawet Manchu(
kiwiredman@h... ) or PrideSenior Bastet
(tonyrich@b...)( system Co-ordinator).
Felini Law will and must be adhered to at all times within the system.

Thank you.
FEL PrideSenior Machan Bastet
System Co-ordinator for Skye

Mad Max Strikes Again.

PIRATE SHIP FIRESPRAY (20476) - {75 Normal Hulls} - Attacking Far Courier Class Destroyer {Medium Ablative Armour} Blown Up

DNA defences in Storm were triggered today, a large number of natives from Inversion were killed including a dozen human marines, and strutural items and weapons in fighting to hold and defeat the pirate ship. A pirate ship picked up by sensors was engaged, the defence battery failed to take out the pirate ship and sustained minor damage, the PIR ship was held for battle by a FCN warship in the same area. The defences drew fire again from the Pirates time and time again while the DNA fleet approached rapidly unnoticied. At the same time Falconian Warbirds joined the DNA fleet in blowing up the pirate ship into dust.

Hrh Prince Altuk Admiral in charge of the operation commended the bravery of the space defences and commended both the DNA ships and FCN ships for their quick and successful strike. DNA ships were seen giving aid to Natives of krell shortly after.

Mad Max reportedly though happy with the pirate kill and FCN intervention (first time he has applauded the FCN's for their naval abililties) was not happy with the space defence operation and stated that he wanted them further improved as previosuly ordered. The Leader of logisitcs in Pointy Stik on Inversion has been removed from his post rumours have it.

Eye of Ra - DNA

DNA Ship Eye of ra reports Kasmer Stargate STOP - Imperial platforms destroyed. STOP Large force confederate ships on rampage in Imperial Territory,STOP getting the hell out of here Stop.

Mad Max Interview

Cleopatra > Mad Max

MM > ... Looks over with one eye the other following a second later.

C>the reporter Bog has been waiting 5 days outside to see you, will you see him now?

MM>hmm bring Bog in

B> Your honour Max

MM> Cut the crap Bog get to the point

B> Ok er Sarcen that big warrior from the BHD in defence of the FCN, accusing you of trying to get WoMD what's the deal Max???

MM> I would firstly state that it is not DNA policy to publish discussions that might implicate other affiliations but as a result of the BHD willingness to explore this relationship I am however bound to clear the name of the DNA. But I will respect the relationship and confidentiality I had with the military advisor to the KST (or military consultant) with whom I had some pleasant and interesting discussions. This character was annoyed at the IMPs for destroying his IND ship (that's how it all started) and why their enemies used him.

B> Ok that's nice Max but spill the beans for the Naplian Network!

ooc( the information the BHD received from a friend of the late Kastorian Advisor was never sent IC its all OOC so much for role playing!!)

MM> The military advisor to the KST has given me permission to disclose some information in our discussion that I consider confidential. My first discussion occurred when this person contacted me as a representative of the KST (I thought), to buy a Garbage Scow 125 Hull Freighter. I thought he was representing the KST but was, a sort of free-lance guy but was originally representing the TKJ another Kastorian faction.
Many beings approach the DNA regularly for ships and we are happy to arrange suitable deals. I have good relations with both Kastorians, KAS, and Independents and the like but I do not get involved in their wars. I agreed to purchase 2 Broadswords in exchange for a Garbage Scow so that I could have some added warships against the FCNs who were openly threatening military action against the DNA in the Storm System at the time.

As time went by he became more open and was giving me insights into the activities of a few affiliations he was working with. As a Shaman I respect beings who wish to confide in me. It is my role to listen try to understand and explain DNA policies. The DNA never condoned his actions, we only listened, tried to understand him, & do a trade deal that suited us.

B> So when did the conversation turn to toxins?

MM> The KST military advisor claimed proudly about his victories with in toxins in final emails, (which I have no idea if they are true or not) I myself started to fear a chemical/biological attack on Inversion by the FCN. I wanted to examine these toxins( if I could get a sample) so that an antidote could be used much like medical supplies so that you could cure DNA troops in case they were attacked with any toxin by the FCNs.

So I tried to obtain sample of toxin (for free to undertake tests on it) in one of our final discussions so that we could research an antidote for the future to protect ourselves and all life as is our policy. As stated its not our policy to use WoMD but when you realise they are possibly coming to your doorstep then you can only ban them under DNA law as they are in Storm, and investigate what you could be exposed to and hope the FCN's don't use them, and identify the manufacturer of the toxin. I find its always better to understand and gain a sample of what is being used to protect my beings from it. My responsibility of my office requires me to investigate all things that we may encounter. Selling an anti-dote to the KAS had crossed my mind as a secondary objective to make much needed funds too.

B> So what happened?

MM> Nothing the contact dried up, next I knew the ship deal was off and the contact apologized, he said he had talked too much to others and he was in trouble and was leaving the periphery, probably bullied out.

B> So you never even did a deal with this person?

MM> No the ship deal fell through as I said, I can tell you the DNA have never paid for anything, never bankrolled this person. Neither have we taken delivery of anything, exchanged currency or obtained FCN ship information from the Kastorian military advisor. Big fat Zip. Apart from information of course with whom the Advisor was working with.

B> You mean that's it, that's the scoop!!

MM> Well that's the boring DNA side of the story but look I am not keen to discuss more, you see I know things that might endanger the DNA from retribution.

B> Max not like you not tell the truth come on tell us the Naplians will stick by your side no matter what.

MM> Well as the BHD are keen to find out more I guess I could enlighten them a bit more about what I know. The DTR and this advisor were working together on Straddle system and the KST advisor wanted me to undertake a simple operation in Straddle to aid an attack on the GTT and IMPs. The act was to save the lives of another neutral affiliation whilst an attack was being planned but I politely refused not wanting to get involved. The KST advisor accepted my position not to be involved in this situation as we are neutral to this conflict. The DTR may not have been aware of this linkage at the time, but neither should be embarrassed as it is clear that this person was being assisted by more than one affiliation in the interests of the war against the IMPs. I never informed the IMPs of the impending attack, as I was keen to avoid any involvement in this affair.


MM> I am a alien of my word I know the being known as the Kastorian military advisor would not appreciate the BHD using him like a political ball (and hence never used any of his information politically). The BHD have attempted to do so, without his permission, I have his permission to disclose information so that the truth is known.

B> Go on Max, what else would you like to say to Saracen I am sure every Naplian wants to hear.

MM> Do I have too? Ok. Does the duty of a citizen include the use of WOMD by the BHD? Can Saracen tell the forum about the lichen your affiliation planted on Mandy that spreads like a plague an attack on the SMS with a WOMD banned under Teu Ceti Treaty. Then the gassing there too years later by that IND who just happened to turn BHD a couple of weeks after.

I wonder if the gas footprint matches that in Storm? I hate to drag these up but as you clearly a citizen of this forum then the forum needs to understand BHD history in WOMD.

So what is the BHD's policy on WoMD? Deny everything or may be blame it on the past administration?

B> Ok Max, I'm getting excited your going to go mad now max, lets change the subject, the FCNs tell me about WoMD and them.

MM> It does not take much imagination to understand where possibly this advisor is getting his toxin from is it? Who is his supplier? I would be surprised if it was the DTR behind supplying the toxin to the military advisor else there would be a huge political scandal. Then who I wonder?

B> Go on.

MM> Well I will let you work that one out.

MM> I simply stated one question that they never will answer only avoid, What is the FCN policy on WOMD? (Not a hard question even for a Avian life form you would think?)

B> So have they ever answered that?

MM> Not a dicky bird. I wonder whether Harkon has got chicken flu, never known him quiet before on an issue. May be his Duracell Bunny got gassed with over-use from its own batteries! Subsequently, the recent gassing on Inversion has brought home to me even more the danger and concerns I had with what the FCN's real agenda.

That is why I am keen to match the chemical footprint found on Inversion now with any historic information and future information so that a match can be made, and why the Falconian's are possibly not making anything public.

B> So what about the latest FCN ship spotted in Skye?
MM> The Falconians have broken DNA law again, well there is no surprise is there? Recently sending a spy ship into Skye System on the same day virtually an operative was shot at our starbase, I leave it up to you what you think is going on here?
FCN SHIP FALCON EXPLORER III (11887) - {10 Heavy Hulls}
Yacht Class Sensor Ship {No Armour}
B> So what are you going to do Max?

MM> The ship will be posted at our discretion, any sightings of this ship by anyone will be treated in confidence and should the ship be destroyed as a result of a tip off we will give a free Integrity stabalizer (190) as a reward for the position that spotted last.

More ships in Skye and Winter would constitute an invasion and I have plans laid for such an event.


MM> For your readers again - The DNA does not use WOMD on other races and does not tolerate them being used. The DNA has a well established policy that is similar to the DTR in this respect. The DNA has never used or been in the possession of WoMD - period. This doesn't mean we are ignorant of them and we don't monitor their use and those that manufacture them. Simply not worth our while and not our focus we tend to focus on saving life rather then destroying it.

DNA policy is stated in every DNA System / season laws. This I have put back on the Naplian News Network for reference again.(it is very long )

B> So why all the fuss about the wormhole ban by the BHD?

MM> Well its taken 6 months for them to actually tell the DNA the real reasons for our ban,(for talking about toxins we don't have!).

MM> I had enough now Bog I have told you what happens do I need to give you more evidence, good, got to watch my favourite DVD, Max inserts DVD - 100 Greatest Stik moments

A copy of this transcript will be available on NNN shortly

**** Week 8.4 Pirate warship Viking found and destroyed - Storm *****

Mad Max's nose for a pirate hunting is becoming legendary, this week a tiny scout searching for pirates spotted a broadsword. Officer Eye of Fire last log reads, We are outgunned by the PIR ship it is 7.5 times our size we have no armour, but it cannot escape, shall we Flee or engage?

What would Mad Max do?

The crew replied, ***Attack hard, Attack fast, and never look back. **** - Engage the pirate with the photon gun and keep dodging the missiles thats an order, do not let this pirate escape, time to rock my brave naplians Captain Eye of Fire log dated Star Date 204.8.4

In the ensuing battle the scout attacked the Broadsword with one gun and a lot of brave naplains in a hopeless cause to keep the pirate engaged till the DNA warships could arrive.

DNA warships however appeared out of the blue rounded on and obliterated the pirate ship, in another devasting show of DNA naval force. At the death however the brave 10 hull cygnet Angel Witch failed to avoid the missiles and blew up tragically.

There is a tear in the eye of the HRH Admiral Prince Altuk, as searches the wreck of the brave ship Alien Witch for survivors, never has he known such brave naplians willing to risk all to make sure aid gets to the Krell.

****Week 7.5 Operative shot in Skye *****
Investigations continue. DNA security shows it's teeth again

Mad Max yet to respond.

**** Week 7.5 FCN breaks the law in Skye not satisfied with breaking laws in Storm****

FCN Spy ship identified in Skye.

Mad Max yet to respond.

**** week 5 FCN Political Caught Spying on the DNA Operative who turns stool pigoen ****
Operative spills the beans on the FCN plot to undermine the DNA again. FCN Administer Xen banisghed from inversion.

****Pirates Smashed in Storm****
Mad Max slams his fist down as he displays pictures of the PIR ship Clown Hammer blowing up to chants of Mad Max Mad Max. Having avoided the combined fleets of the SMS COH and FEL, the Clown Hammer after a botched attempt at attacking a DNA Garbage Scow met its ends at the hands of Mad Max's fleet. The pirate did not stand a chance against the awesome DNA ships that approached it.

*****Subspace Static*****
IMP Campaign Notches Up Victory
Deep in Confederate space, the IMP skirmish fleet is proving to be a bit of nuisance. This week they struck and destroyed a Confederate platform.

Straddle Skirmish
The Imperial Services launched an assault against a Detinus Republic outpost. Imperial marines fought defenders, pushing them back street by street. Slowly the marines gained control of the starbase. The Republic have now changed tactics and backed off in order to pound the IMP and outpost from the sector with tanks. This is proving to be quite successful.

Storm System 204
*Newsflash (DNA/FCN-Storm system) - DNA intercept and engage a pirate vessel. The pirate manages to escape, but fails to land a single hit on the garbage scow. DNA, question FCN as to why they arrived far too late to have any effect in the outcome. Deliberate action, or plain incompetence? FCN wave away any complaints, for they did come, rather later than others ships coming from far further, but still came...

*Newsflash (Storm system) - Travellers in Storm system, were surprised today to find that system message and claim have switched overnight. FCN now claim to own the system on behalf of KRL, but any legitimacy to this claim is yet to be proven. No KRL representative was available to comment, so at this time it's only FCN word. It is known however that the DNA had been granted legitimacy by the KRL and that they weren't given any notice by KRL regarding any change in status. In response to the matter, DNA states, that only change to actually having taken place was the system message and that the DNA systems laws are still in effect.

Mad Max Prepares for Huge Aid Program on all parts of Inversion in Storm System.

IND warship gets a warning. \note allcaptians dont bring warships to storm.

Operative shot attempting access.

Mad Max advertises for 2 new postions for new expansion program. New Ships and starbases on offer and the opportunity to build new tribal dynasty.

For further details contact or

************** DNA LAWS ******************
The following Laws are applied to Systems or Starbases and surrounding planetary bodies and space and are not restricted by space or time. The DNA Ruling chiefs meet and review these conditions that can change to proactively enhance trade, enhance IND and friendly Starbases or provide security to systems. Local Laws and Treaties may supercede these General Laws where agreed and recognized in writing. Starbase Laws form local laws and apply to starbases in regions of non held DNA space as detailed below.
There are a number of codes of law that exist and these are referred to as Seasons, and as seasons in a weather system it may progress into new laws that may change through time as the requirements of Peace and trade change.

Section 1) Warrior Season System Law:

Season of the Warrior
The following systems have Warrior Season Law currently in force: Winter (33), Skye (191)

No access to DNA systems/ starbases/space and planetary bodies is permitted unless by agreement with Commander in Chief.

Trespassers without authorization will be hunted down and held for trial or eliminated. DNA preference is to preserve life and trespassers may have an opportunity to compensate the DNA for their intrusion if they are fortunate enough to receive this opportunity. Cargo’s and ships will be confiscated.
Removal of resources or sentient artifacts (alien artifacts) from DNA Space is prohibited. Non-DNA Affiliations are prohibited from exploring or exploiting anything within DNA space in any way, shape or form including Outposts. Un registered starbases or outposts from other affiliations are forbidden and will be subject to takeover or destruction by DNA

Weapons of mass destruction are forbidden.

Ships carrying Slaves and persons supporting slavery shall be dealt with in the time honored method when and where the DNA chooses to. Enslavement of sentient life forms will not be tolerated.

Any position encountering a sentient race must inform the DNA Commander in Chief within two weeks with all pertinent details to determine if it is a protected Native Sentient race.
Agent’s actions against the DNA are prepared for and others take these at their own risk. The DNA accepts that they occur and the DNA likewise does Agent actions on other affiliations that perform actions upon the DNA. Agents identified in DNA starbases may have their respective affiliations colonization rights remove however under this law.

Blockades of space by large military forces are forbidden.
Acts of Piracy against DNA positions is not tolerated.
Special Provisions may be applied as deemed suitable by the DNA Commander in Chief.

Special Provisions
Express permission by the DNA is needed for exploration and this is only granted for limited titles of blocks of land and full exploration information has to be detailed to the DNA. Failure to do so may result in further exploration being denied to others from the same affiliation or worse you may be invited to diner by the more hungry Natives in the Alliance! Non-DNA Affiliations are prohibited from exploring or exploiting anything within DNA space in any way, shape or form without an exploration Title and express permission from the DNA. The Title may carry a commission payable to the DNA usually 10% of deposits mined, this can be waived if the affiliation is seen as contributing to the overall peace, prosperity and security of the system however.

Requirement: Exploration Title

Native Sentinal Races
Any position encountering a sentient race must inform the DNA Commander in Chief within two weeks with all pertinent details to determine if it is a protected Native Sentient race.
Requirement: Sentinal Development Authority

Starbase Set up
A Hut License is needed before a Starbase can be legally set-up in DNA Space. These can be applied for from the DNA, which reserves the right to refuse a permit.
Requirement : Hut Licence

Section 2 Trade Season System Law :
The following systems have Trade Season Law in Force:
Storm System

Trade ships only are permitted in these DNA systems.
Warships are prohibited from entering any part of DNA space at any time, for whatever reason and will be deemed as hostile and attacked or captured. Any other Class ship configured for war is also banned and classed as hostile and may be attacked or may be captured. Prior permission with the DNA must be sought for Warship escort or Warship defenses which may be monitored or restricted in size and quantity.

Express permission by the DNA is needed for exploration and this is only granted for limited titles of blocks of land and full exploration information has to be detailed to the DNA. Failure to do so may result in further exploration being denied to others from the same affiliation or worse you may be invited to diner by the more hungry Natives in the Alliance! Non-DNA Affiliations are prohibited from exploring or exploiting anything within DNA space in any way, shape or form without an exploration Title and express permission from the DNA. The Title may carry a commission payable to the DNA usually 10% of deposits mined, this can be waived if the affiliation is seen as controibuting to the overall peace, prosperity and security of the system however.

Requirement: Exploration Title

Native Sentinal Races
Any position encountering a sentient race must inform the DNA Commander in Chief within two weeks with all pertinent details to determine if it is a protected Native Sentient race.
Requirement: Sentinal Development Authority

Starbase Set up
A Hut License is needed before a Starbase can be legally set-up in DNA Space. These can be applied for from the DNA, which reserves the right to refuse a permit.

Requirement : Hut Licence

Firing of weapons is an offence by any ship other than DNA ships and starbases in these systems unless it is deemed acceptable by the DNA C in C.. All non-DNA colonies must have all non-friendly affiliations specified by the DNA on their ground enemy list at all times, and the DNA on their Support lists. They should not have any others specified unless through prior agreement with the DNA.

Access for trade and general travel is fully permitted in the Systems, subject to Starbase laws in force listed below
So that law and order can be maintained, the DNA reserves the right to visit and check up on non-DNA starbases at any time. This will take the form of DNA security team visits,ship scans or agents.

The DNA ruling chiefs can re-evaluate and approve the Hut License and Taxes at any time and reviewed again when Starbases when starbases reach 1000kmus.

All non-DNA colonies will defend all DNA assets using their best endeavors. This includes ships in orbit, and other colonies on the same planet.

Weapons of mass destruction are forbidden.

Blockades of space by large military forces are forbidden.
Agent’s actions against the DNA are prepared for and others take these at their own risk. The DNA accepts that they occur and the DNA likewise does Agent actions on other affiliations that perform actions upon the DNA. The DNA has “sleeper” agents in many Starbases.

Acts of Piracy against DNA positions is not tolerated.


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