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This page is reserved for queries or gaps in the ANZCA dossier. The information on this page is therefore possibly incomplete or unreliable. Please contact Steven Maras, University of Western Australia. Assistance is required in clarifying the following areas:


Grant Noble Award

Does anyone have a full list of Grant Noble Award recipients and their papers?

1999-Gill O'Neill. Name of paper?

Missing President Addresses

The addresses for the following years and Presidents were not published in the Australian Journal of Communication, or have not been found, but this does not necessarily mean they do not exist.

1984 Bill Bonney
1985 John Fiske
1995 R. Warwick Blood
1997 Roslyn Petelin -advises that it was not published.

Conference Theme 1985

Was there one?


ANZCA Officer Bearers

A full list of ANZCA officer bearers may be included in the dossier in future. The position of secretary/Treasurer has been significant in ANZCA, and the Public Officer has become significant since incorporation in the Australian Capital Territory. Ticehurst presents a list to 1989, but the more recent holders are unclear.


1983-1984 John Bulbeck
1984-1985 Jon Watts
1985-1987 Kate Howell
1987-1988 Kerrel Duck
1988-1990 Julie Dixon (Julie of course held the office of Secretary up to Joanne Jacobs, but the role of Treasurer seems to have been treated separately at times).

From 1998-2000 the CRIA operated as the Secretariate for ANZCA. Julie Dixon was an employee of the CRIA.

resume?-2002 Julie Dixon
2002-2004 Joanne Jacobs
2004- Marilyn Mitchell
2006-2018 Jolyon Sykes
2018-2019 Secretary Philip Dearman   


1993-1996 Robyn Penman
2004- Terry Flew
2006-2018 Jolyon Sykes
2018- Gerard Goggin
2019- Jonathon Hutchison

Public Officer
2002-2003 Warwick Blood
2004-2019 Kerry McCallum


1995-1999 Matthew Allen
2002-Joanne Jacobs

Do you have any information on the Australian Communications STudentrs Association (ACOSA) formed in 1976.

Do you have surplus copies or photocopies of the ACA UPDATE or ANZCA Newsletter after 1995? Do you have a spare copy of past proceedings of any of the conferences mentioned up to 1993? Contact Steven Maras who may be interested in them for reference purposes.


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