My Stuff

OK, so as web pages go this one’s pretty lame but I never claimed to be a web wizard. I bought a motorbike about 6 months back – my first ever brand new vehicle – and this page is more about it than me anyway. I don’t have heaps of cash – in fact most of my spare cash goes to paying for the bike. This means that anytime I want to upgrade or modify my bike it turns into a major research operation to find the cheapest or most cost effective way to do it, usually with me building whatever it is I want coz I can’t afford to just go out and buy it. Turns out there’s a lot of other people with the same bike and the same problems, so I’m putting “how to’s” of my projects up here to stop me having to email them out all the time.

So you actually want to know about me?
Oh well, here's some info.
My Bike - 2004 Triumph America. "Sophie".
The reason for the page.
Bike Watch, and a light to go with it. Installing non-standard driving lights.
Installing the JC Whitney lightbar - courtesy of BonnyUSA (Phil)
Moving the front indicators (or turn signals for the yanks) below the driving lights.
Installing a "Cheetah" bike alarm on the America/Speedmaster. Building an LED taillight.
Modified Exhausts - VROOM VROOM.

A second look at the LED taillight,
using SuperFlux LED's

Hazard Lights.

"Stealth" Control Wiring, hidden inside handlebars - courtesy of BonnyUSA (Phil)

LED Console Lights

Mounting aftermarket horns - *beep*beep*

Various useful docs about the America/Speedmaster.