mfdu audio
mfdu audio
Four channels of chasslic 1176 (FET) compression and two channels of smooth opto compression.  Everything else is on the workbench.
mfdu DIY Projects

Here's a quick update on the current projects.

The Bilington traansformer equiped LA2A is running great.
The Sowter equiped one, not so good. I'm struggling to get
the windings right.

On the bench are a pair of Neve 1290 mic pre clones and a pair of
JLM Baby Animal mic pres, which will be using
API opamps and Habuch iron.
Waiting on the sidelines is a Gyraf G9 tube mic pre.
It seems to be all about the preamps, at the moment.

But that pair of SSL 9000 pres just haven't moved forward. *Sigh*

That's about it, for the moment.
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PO Box 2079 Spotswood, Vic 3015

- last updated 13/01/2010 -