mfdu audio
mfdu audio
Go go gadget!  Two channels of FET compression, using mNats v.G PCB.
Cloning the ubiquitous Urie 1176 compressor

The unit to the left was my first build, and features
two channels of FET compression with electrically
balanced inputs and OEP transformer balanced outputs.
It also features the messiest wiring i have ever put together.

It has been modded with to provide a "slam" mode
(equivalent to "all buttons in" on the original 1176's)
and both channels sound fantastic.

But it must be said that the 3rd and 4th channels i built
(featuring Sowter input and output trannies on 3, and
Billington input and output trannies on 4) are much neater

Build Links :
The Prodigy Forum - All Things 1176
mNats - Supplier of the g1176 PCB
0404 451 686
PO Box 2079 Spotswood, Vic 3015

- last updated 13/01/2010 -