mfdu audio
mfdu audio
Just about to start building.  Awaiting some very special input and output transformers.
Recreating the classic LA2A compressor.

WELL - after a year and a half, we're almost there!

The two circuit boards are fully populated.

The cases are made.

The Billington channel is running - currently checking
voltages. (Aiming for 377 volts across the tubes.)

The Sowter channel is awaiting final internal hookup.

I reckon this is as close as many people will get to the
individual character of an aged LA2A. Neither are built
to sound modern, and each channel will be unique.

Build Links :
Prodigy - The LA2A on PCB
0404 451 686
PO Box 2079 Spotswood, Vic 3015

- last updated 13/01/2010 -