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Who is Melinda Goodin?

Greetings from Downunder.

My publishing credits are in non-fiction: a co-written book on Osteoporosis, several travel articles and a range of “how to write” articles that were printed in many major Romance Writers of Australia and America newsletters. Some of my articles can be found here at my website.

I am a member of the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror (OWW). I highly recommend it to any genre authors who are looking for a community that provides excellent critiques, support and a place of kindred minds. I have workshopped several fantasy and futuristic novels there, and always received generous and valuable assistance.

I'm probably best known on the Web for my Locus sales spreadsheet - I wanted to track how speculative fiction authors sold what to whom, via which agent. I started compiling it to meet my own research needs, but it seemed selfish not to share with my friends. The sales spreadsheet has become my community service project for OWW and LiveJournal genre writing members.

Research for my books has led me to many fascinating places and down many interesting paths. I've ended up nailing targets at shooting galleries, learned to be hip in belly dancing classes, scuba dived with sharks, researched multiple personalities and bounty hunters.

I’m a huge fan of the Hero’s Journey writing structure and I apply it where possible to all my works. Several of my writing articles discuss the hero's journey and evaluate published books.

Melinda Rose Goodin

What is the purpose of this site?

My interest is in supporting writers of science fiction, fantasy and romance.

This site aims to provide you with inspiring and educational writing articles and encouragement with your writing. I've called this site "Crossing the Threshold" because it reflects my writing and reading interests: not just science fiction, not just fantasy, not just romance. There's always a level of at least two in my writing, which means my work crosses the boundaries of certain genres. Crossing thresholds is also a theme of my favorite writing book, "The Writer's Journey."

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