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Locus sales spreadsheet

Welcome to my resource for novelists:

This collation of Locus sales announcements is intended to help novelists track who sold what to whom, via which agent. It is now a Preditors and Editors recommended site.
The Excel spreadsheet is the most versatile of the options if you have the software, but it also available as pdfs and you can view the original Excel spreadsheet via the free Excel viewer.
You may need to download the Acrobat software to view the pdfs.
Please do not pass the spreadsheet around or re-release it in any format on your website. You are welcome to link to this page or send fellow writers to it, so I can have some idea of its usage.

Locus spreadsheet major update : July 2004 to April 2010 (Excel) (updated 2nd August 2010)

Sales from July to December 04 (.pdf)
Sales from January to December 05 (.pdf)
Sales from January to December 06 (.pdf)
Sales from January to December 07 (.pdf)
Sales from January to December 08 (.pdf)
Sales from January to December 09 (.pdf)
(updated 2nd August 2010)
Sales from January to April 2010 (.pdf) (updated 2nd August 2010)

Compiled sales, sorted in order of agent and publisher (.pdf) (updated 2nd August 2010)

If you see any typing errors, or have additional information, I would welcome an email about it.

The not-so-fine print:
The only "fee" I ask for this service is that you drop me a line in my guestbook when you first visit. I'd love to know who's using it, and even more, would love to hear if you have any success finding an agent or publisher.

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