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What's new for 2010?

Welcome to the home of Crossing the Threshold! I hope you will find something of interest, thought provocation or reflection here.

If this is your first visit to my site, please contact me via my guestbook or email and let me know how you found out about it. I'm trying to find out which method of promotion works best for a site like this.

I'll be attending Aussiecon 4 in Melbourne in September. Drop me a note if you plan to be there :}

I'm running a spreadsheet of sales announcements from the Locus magazine, in order to track which agents are selling SFF genre fiction to which publishers. In 2010 the spreadsheet will be updated quarterly, in January (done), April, July and October. The information is available in Excel, pdf and htm formats. I announce updates via my public blog at

2010: Locus page update announcements:

Wishing you flowing words, health, happiness and success in 2010!

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