Left: Christ Church, Redhill with grave of Thomas And Amelia Perry in foreground:
 Above: All Saints Church, Wrington.

Cecil, Frank. Arthur, Florence, Ivy, Hubert, Howard and Maurice Perry outside gamekeepers cottage, Menabilly, Cornwall c.1908

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This page contains the family history of three Perry brothers Hubert Andrews Perry, Frank Andrews Perry, Cecil Andrews Perry and their nephew Owen Andrews Perry who emigrated from Cornwall to New South Wales, Australia. Although raised in Cornwall the brothers were all born near Bristol and have Perry roots in the Somerton, Kingsdon and Wrington areas of Somerset and Andrews roots in Cheddar, Somerset.  Other family names include: FISHER,  PARRY, EDWARDS, SPRAKE, ANDREWS and McMORRAN.
Marcel Safier, Brisbane, Australia. 

Generation One

    2. i. EDWARD PERRY alias HARTLY.
    3. ii. JOHN HARTLY alias PERRY.

Generation Two

    4. i. JOHN PERRY b. 1719.
      ii. WILLIAM PERRY, b. 1720 in Somerset.
      iii. ELIZABETH PERRY, b. 1721 in Somerset, d. 1729 in Somerset.
      iv. ANNE PERRY, b. 1722 in Somerset.
      v. JOSHUA PERRY, b. 1725 in Somerset, d. 1807.

3. JOHN HARTLY alias PERRY.  He married KATHERINE.
      i. JOHN HARTLY, baptized 1711, d. 1717.
      ii. THOMAS HARTLY, baptized 1711, d. 1727.
      iii. JAMES PERRY alias HARTLY, baptized 1714, d. 1716.
      iv. ELIZABETH PERRY alias HARTLY, baptized 1717, d. 1721.

Generation Three

4. JOHN PERRY, b. 1719.  Married 24 JUN 1747 in Somerton, Somerset, JANE FISHER.
    5. i. JOHN PERRY.
      ii. BETTY PERRY, b. 1752 in Somerset.
      iii. CHARLES PERRY, b. 1754 in Somerset.
      iv. BETTY PERRY, b. 1754 in Somerset.
      v. CATHERINE PERRY, b. 1756 in Somerset.
      vi. MARY PERRY, b. 1763 in Somerset.

Generation Four

5. JOHN PERRY, baptized 1 FEB 1748 in Somerton, Somerset.  Married 4 DEC 1774 in St. Michael, Bath, Somerset, ANN PARRY, b. 1746, d. 1811.
      i. ANN PERRY, b. 1775 in Somerset.
    6. ii. JOHN PERRY b. 1776.
      iii. JENNY PERRY, baptized 23 NOV 1777 in Somerton, Somerset.
    7. iv. SUSANNA PERRY.
      v. EDITH PERRY, baptized 5 JUN 1785 in Somerton, Somerset, buried 7 AUG 1785 in Somerton, Somerset.

Generation Five

6. JOHN PERRY, b. 1776 in Somerton, Somerset, d. 19 MAR 1840 in Kingsdon, Somerset.  Married 6 NOV 1796 in Parish Church, Kingsdon, Somerset, MARY EDWARDS, baptized 1772, d. 2 DEC 1842 in Kingsdon, Somerset.
    8. i. MARY PERRY.
    9. ii. JOHN PERRY.
      iii. GEORGE PERRY, baptized 11 JUL 1807 in Kingsdon, Somerset.
    10. iv. PRISCILLA PERRY.

7. SUSANNA PERRY, baptized 18 OCT 1780 in Somerton, Somerset.
      i. JANE PERRY, baptized 14 OCT 1799 in Somerton, Somerset.
    11. ii. EDWARD PERRY b. 1805.

Generation Six

8. MARY PERRY, baptized 1799 in Kingsdon, Somerset.
      i. WILLIAM PERRY, baptized 17 SEP 1818 in Kingsdon, Somerset.
      ii. THOMAS PERRY, baptized 15 JUN 1823 in Kingsdon, Somerset, d. 21 AUG 1827 in Kingsdon, Somerset.
    12. iii. THOMAS PERRY.
      iv. ELIZABETH PERRY, baptized 3 JUL 1830 in Kingsdon, Somerset, d. 12 JUL 1830 in Kingsdon, Somerset.
      v. PHILLIP PERRY, baptized 15 APR 1832 in Kingsdon, Somerset, d. 26 MAY 1832 in Kingsdon, Somerset.
      vi. PHILIP PERRY, baptized 1833 in Kingsdon, Somerset, d. 21 AUG 1843 in Kingsdon, Somerset.
      vii. EMMA PERRY, b. 31 DEC 1836 in Kingsdon, Somerset, baptized 30 APR 1839 in Kingsdon, Somerset, d. 21 MAY 1839 in Kingsdon, Somerset.

9. JOHN PERRY, baptized 17 MAY 1802 in Kingsdon, Somerset, d. 3 FEB 1848 in Kingsdon, Somerset, occupation Shoemaker.  Married 19 OCT 1828 in Kingsdon, Somerset, HANNA SAMPSON, b. 1805 in Kingsdon, Somerset, d. 31 OCT 1850 in Kingsdon, Somerset.
    13. i. JOHN PERRY.

10. PRISCILLA PERRY, baptized 2 OCT 1809 in Kingsdon, Somerset, d. 1836/1892 in Yeovil, Somerset, buried 16 JUN 1836 in All Saints, Kingsdon, Somerset.  Married 3 OCT 1831 in Ilchester, Somerset, WILLIAM FUDGE, b. c.1809 in Ilchester, Somerset.
      i. GEORGE FUDGE, baptized 14 SEP 1834 in Kingsdon, Somerset.
      ii. WILLIAM FUDGE, b. c.1836 in Ilchester, Somerset.

11. EDWARD PERRY, b. 1805 in Somerton, Somerset, d. 1864 or 1865, occupation Wheat Chairman, census 1841, 1851 & 1861 in Walcot, Bath, Somerset.  He married JANE PODGER, b. c.1811 in Bath, Somerset.
      i. JANE PERRY, b. c.1837 in Bath, Somerset.
    14. ii. EDWARD PERRY b. 1839.

Generation Seven

12. THOMAS PERRY, baptized 21 AUG 1827 in Kingsdon, Somerset, d. 15 APR 1898 in Redcliffe, Bristol, buried 20 APR 1898 in Redhill Cemetery Churchyard, Somerset, occupation Gamekeeper.  Married 18 MAR 1855 in Kingweston, Somerset, AMELIA SPRAKE, (daughter of SAMUEL SPRAKE and ELIZABETH (BETTY) COOK) baptized 3 FEB 1833 in St Marys, Beaminster, Dorset, d. 4 MAY 1913 in Nailsea, Somerset, buried 10 MAY 1913 in Christ Church Cemetery, Redhill, Somerset. Further details of the Sprake family are on the Sprake Family of Netherbury, Dorset web site.

    15. i. GEORGE PERRY b. 1856.
    16. ii. JOHN PERRY b. 1857.
    17. iii. ELIZABETH JANE PERRY b. 1859.
    18. iv. WILLIAM PHILIP PERRY b. 1861.
    19. v. ALBERT EDWARD PERRY b. 1864.
    20. vi. AMELIA PERRY b. 1866.
      vii. PHILIP JAMES PERRY, b. 1868 in Redhill, Somerset, baptized 5 APR 1868 in Christ Church, Redhill, Somerset, buried 27 OCT 1870 in Christ Church Cem., Redhill, Somerset.
    21. viii. ARTHUR PERRY b. 12 MAR 1870.
    22. ix. FLORENCE LOUISA PERRY b. 1873.
    23. x. FREDERICK THOMAS PERRY b. 1877.

13. JOHN PERRY, baptized 27 DEC 1824 in Kingsdon, Somerset, d. ?1864, occupation Agricultural Labourer.  Married 1851 in Yeovil district, Somerset, CAROLINE L. HODGE, b. 1827 in Pudymore, Somerset.
      i. SOPHIA SANDER PERRY, b. 1860 in Keinton Mandeville, Somerset, d. 1877 in Langport district, Somerset.

14. EDWARD PERRY, b. 1839 in Bath, Somerset, occupation Carpenter.  Married 1864 in Bath district, Somerset, JANE, b. c.1847 in Somerton, Somerset.
      i. MARY JANE PERRY, b. 1865 in Walcot, Somerset.
      ii. FREDERICK PERRY, b. c.1867 in Chelsea, Middlesex.
      iii. HARRY PERRY, b. 29 MAR.1867 in Chelsea, Middlesex, bap. 29 SEP 1867, Holy Trinity, Upper Chelsea, Middlesex, occupation Bricklayer.
      iv. EDWARD JAMES PERRY, b. c.1870 in Pimlico, Middlesex, bap. 24 FEB 1875, St. Philips, Battersea, Surrey.
      v. CHARLES PERRY, b. c.1870 in Pimlico, Middlesex.
      vi. GEORGE PERRY, b. c.1871 in Battersea, Surrey.
    vii MINNIE ELIZABETH PERRY b. 1876, Battersea, Surrey, bap. 12 MAY 1876, St. Saviors, Battersea, Surrey.
    viii. ELLEN BEATRICE PERRY b. 31 MAR 1878, Battersea, Surrey, bap. 7 DEC 1881, St. Saviors, Battersea, Surrey.
    ix MINNIE ELIZABETH PERRY b. 13 OCT 1882, Battersea, Surrey, bap. 28 FEB 1883, St. Saviors, Battersea, Surrey.

Generation Eight

15. GEORGE PERRY, b. 1856 in Keinton Mandeville, Somerset, occupation Game Keeper, occupation Gamekeeper.  Married 9 JUL 1877 in Wimborne, Dorset, SELINA DAVIS, b. 1858 in Hinton Martel, Dorset, (daughter of DAVID DAVIS and JANE) d. 4 FEB 1920 in Polkerris, Cornwall.
    24. i. ARTHUR THOMAS PERRY b. 1878.
    25. ii. WILLIAM JOHN PERRY b. 1879.
    26. iii. WALTER HENRY PERRY b. 22 FEB 1881.
    27. iv. EDWIN GEORGE PERRY b. 23 MAY 1883.
      v. PERCY CHARLES PERRY, b. 1886 in Gaunts, Dorset, occupation Baker.  Married 1906 in Parish Church, Langdon Long, Dorset, LUCY LAVIVIA DAVIS, b. c.1881, (daughter of HENRY DAVIS).
      vi. ERNEST SIDNEY PERRY, b. 1888 in Clapton, Somerset, d. 1 NOV 1914 on HMS Monmouth during the Battle of Coronel.
      vii. STANLEY GILBERT PERRY, b. 1895 in Barnwell, Somerset.

16. JOHN PERRY, b. 1857 in Halse, Gloucester, occupation Railway Porter/Carrier in Wrington, d. 1 SEP 1928, buried in Wrington, Somerset.  Married 1878 in Yeovil district, Somerset, SARAH SAINSBURY, b. 1858 in Congresbury, Somerset, d. 5 NOV 1935, buried in Wrington, Somerset.
      i. THOMAS PERRY, b. 1880 in Bristol, Gloucester.
      ii. ALFRED PERRY, b. 1882 in Wrington, Somerset.
      iii. ALBERT PERRY, b. 1884 in Wrington, Somerset.
      iv. ARTHUR PERRY, b. 1886 in Wrington, Somerset.
      v. FREDERICK PERRY, b. 1888 in Wrington, Somerset.
      vi. AMELIA PERRY, b. 1890 in Wrington, Somerset.
      vii. HARRY PERRY, b. 1891 in Wrington, Somerset.
      viii. ALICE PERRY, b. 1894 in Wrington, Somerset.
      ix. DOUGLAS PERRY, b. 1898 in Wrington, Somerset.
      x. SAMUEL PERRY, b. 1900 in Wrington, Somerset.

17. ELIZABETH JANE PERRY, b. 1859 in Halse, Gloucester, d. in Yeovil, Somerset.  Married 1890 in Bedminster, Somerset, CHARLES POOLE, b. 1858 in Beaminster, Dorset, (son of GEORGE POOLE and EMILY) occupation Postman in Yeovil.
      i. FREDERICK CHARLES POOLE, b. 1891 in Yeovil, Somerset.
      ii. EMILY AMELIA POOLE, b. 1893 in Charlton, Wraxall, Somerset, baptized 2.
      iii. ARTHUR THOMAS POOLE, b. 1893 in Yeovil, Somerset.
      iv. WILLIAM GEORGE POOLE, b. 1896 in Yeovil, Somerset.

18. WILLIAM PHILIP PERRY, b. 1861 in Redhill, Somerset, baptized 10 NOV 1861 in Christ Church, Redhill, Somerset, d. 1945 in Polgooth, Cornwall, occupation Baker/Fishmonger/Collier.  Married 1895 in Bedminster district, Somerset, HARRIET LOUISA HARSE, b. 1877 in Wrington, Somerset, (daughter of WILLIAM HARSE and HENRIETTA).
      i. WILLIAM GEORGE PERRY, b. 1896 in Wraxall, Somerset, d. 23 JUN 1918 in WW1, buried in Berlin, Germany.
      ii. DOROTHY PERRY, b. 1898 in Wraxall, Somerset.
      iii. GLADYS MAY PERRY, b. 1900 in Wraxall, Somerset.
      iv. FREDERICK PERRY, b. 1906 in Long Ashton district, Somerset.
      v. DOLLY PERRY.

19. ALBERT EDWARD PERRY, b. 1864 in Redhill, Somerset, baptized 26 JUN 1864 in Christ Church, Redhill, Somerset, occupation Carrier.  Married 1886 in Axbridge, Somerset, HELEN MAUD GRANT, b. 1873 in Bristol, (daughter of GEORGE GRANT and MARIA).
      i. REGINALD ARTHUR PERRY, b. 1895 in Bristol.
      ii. WINIFRED G. PERRY, b. c.1896 in Bristol.
      iii. ARCHIBALD GEORGE PERRY, b. 1901 in Bristol.

20. AMELIA PERRY, b. 1866 in Redhill, Somerset, baptized 6 MAY 1866 in Christ Church, Redhill, Somerset.  (1) Married 14 DEC 1885 in Registry Office, Bristol, GEORGE HENRY HARSE, b. 1866 in Wrington, Somerset, (son of RICHARD HARSE and JANE MILLARD) d. 1894 in Axbridge district, Somerset, occupation Road labourer.  (2) Married 15 JUL 1900 in St George's Church, Brandon Hill, Bristol, HENRY (HARRY) MILES, b. 1851 in Penselwood, Somerset, occupation Engine driver on railway.
    Children by GEORGE HENRY HARSE:
      i. FLORENCE ELLEN HARSE, b. 1887 in Redhill, Somerset.
      ii. WILLIAM GEORGE HARSE, b. 1889 in Wrington, Somerset.  Married 1910 in Bristol, ?.
    28. iii. DAISY BLANCHE HARSE b. 1891.
      iv. DOROTHEA ANNIE HARSE, b. 1896 in Wrington, Somerset.
      v. REGINALD STANLEY HARSE, b. 1898 in Wrington, Somerset.

21. ARTHUR PERRY, b. 12 MAR 1870 in Wrington, Somerset, baptized 1 APR 1870 in Christ Church, Redhill, Somerset, d. 19 JUN 1940 in Par, Cornwall, occupation Gamekeeper/Hotelier.  Married 4 MAR 1891 in Bedminster, Bristol, FLORENCE EMMA ELLEN ANDREWS, b. 29 JAN 1871 in Wrington, Somerset, (daughter of GEORGE JAMES ANDREWS and ETTY THOMAS) baptized 2 APR 1871 in Redhill, Somerset, d. 24 APR 1938 in Troon, Camborne, Cornwall, buried in Cornwall. Further details of the Andrews family are on the Andrews Family of Cheddar & Cleeve, Somerset web site.
      i. FRANK ANDREWS PERRY, b. 17 SEP 1891 in Charlton, Wraxall, Somerset, d. 14 DEC 1965 in Burwood, Sydney, buried in St Paul's Church of England, Burwood, occupation Grocer.  Married 1927 in Parramatta, NSW, HILDA MARY WADDELL, b. in Hexham, NSW, d. in Sydney, NSW.
      ii. HOWARD EDWARD JAMES ANDREWS PERRY, b. 4 JUL 1893 in Charlton, Wraxall, Somerset, d. 12 DEC 1976 in Cornwall, occupation Busdriver.  Married <1938, DOROTHY MAY HALL.
    29. iii. HUBERT ANDREWS PERRY b. 17 FEB 1895.
    30. iv. MAURICE GEORGE ANDREWS PERRY b. 15 DEC 1896.
      v. CECIL ANDREWS PERRY, b. 30 OCT 1898 in Charlton, Wraxall, Somerset, d. 14 JUN 1967 in Western Suburbs Hospital, Sydney, NSW, buried in St. Paul's Church of England, Burwood, Sydney, NSW.  Married 27 OCT 1934 in St Stephen's, Hurlstone Park, Sydney, NSW, PHYLLIS MAUD THOMAS, b. 1896 in St. Blazey, Cornwall, (daughter of JOHN THOMAS and ELIZABETH HANNAH SKEAT) buried in Cornwall.
    31. vi. IVY BESSIE LAVINIA PERRY b. 14 OCT 1902.

22. FLORENCE LOUISA PERRY, b. 1873 in Wrington, Somerset, baptized 1 JUN 1873 in Redhill, Somerset.  Married 27 FEB 1899 in Wrington, Somerset, AUSTIN ENGLAND, b. 1875 in Winterbourne, Gloucestershire, (son of EDWIN ENGLAND and ELIZABETH) occupation Store Dresser.
      i. FLORENCE ENGLAND, b. 1900 in Wraxall, Somerset.

23. FREDERICK THOMAS PERRY, b. 1877 in Wrington, Somerset, d. 13 MAR 1952 in Somerset, buried in All Saints Church, Wraxall, Somerset.  Married 1903 in Long Ashton district, Somerset, ROSE STOKES, b. 1880 in Bristol, (daughter of JOSEPH STOKES and MARTHA ADAMS) d. 11 APR 1962, buried in All Saints Church, Wraxall, Somerset.
      i. GLADYS JANE PERRY, b. 1904 in Long Ashton district, Somerset, d. 1972, buried in All Saints Church, Wraxall, Somerset.
      ii. GWENDOLINE MARTHA PERRY, b. 1904 in Long Ashton district, Somerset, d. 23 JAN 1952, buried in All Saints Church, Wraxall, Somerset.
    32. iii. FREDERICK GEORGE PERRY b. 1906.
    33. iv. HENRY THOMAS (HARRY) PERRY b. 1908.
    34. v. HUBERT PERRY b. 1911.
    35. vi. CHARLES PERRY b. 1915.
      vii. WINIFRED ROSE PERRY, b. 1917 in Somerset, d. 1982.
      viii. JUNE PERRY, b. 16 JUN 1926.

Generation Nine

24. ARTHUR THOMAS PERRY, b. 1878 in Hinton Martell, Dorset.  Married 20 MAY 1907 in Blandford, Dorset, ELIZABETH REBECCA JAMES.
      i. FERNLEY GEORGE PERRY, b. 1912.
      ii. PHYLLIS PERRY, b. 1914.  She married HUGH PRICHARD.
    36. iii. IVY MAUDE PERRY b. 1920.
      iv. ERNEST TRISTAM PERRY, b. 1921, d. in Italy.

25. WILLIAM JOHN PERRY, b. 1879 in Bere Regis, Dorset, d. 1960 in Plymouth, Devon.  He married CAROLINE JANE BEER, b. 1879, d. 1961.
    37. i. LILIAN PERRY b. 1906.
      ii. FLORENCE PERRY, b. 1908, d. 1995.  She married LESLIE MARSHALL.
    38. iii. WILLIAM GEORGE PERRY b. 12 OCT 1910.

26. WALTER HENRY PERRY, b. 22 FEB 1881 in Bere Regis, Dorset, d. 21 APR 1932 in Portsmouth.  Married 6 FEB 1909 in Portsea, Portsmouth, JANE MATILDA PIDDELL, b. 24 APR 1888 in Portsmouth, Hampshire.
      i. JEAN SELINA PERRY, b. 1909 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, d. 1998.
      ii. VIOLET PERRY, b. c.1916 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, d. 1990.
      iii. WALTER HENRY GEORGE PERRY, b. 14 SEP 1918 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, d. 1997.  He married NANCY PILKINGTON.
      iv. EDWIN PERRY, b. c.1920 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, d. c.1923.

27. EDWIN GEORGE PERRY, b. 23 MAY 1883 in Bere Regis, Dorset.  Married 1917 in Polkerris, Cornwall, MABEL ALFORD, b. 1884.
    39. i. ELSIE MARY PERRY.
    40. ii. GLADYS PERRY.

28. DAISY BLANCHE HARSE, b. 1891 in Wrington, Somerset.  Married 1909 in Bristol, ERNEST ALBERT HATHERALL, b. 1882 in Stratton, Wiltshire, (son of WILLIAM HATHERALL and FANNY LOVEDAY).

29. HUBERT ANDREWS PERRY, b. 17 FEB 1895 in Charlton, Wraxall, Somerset, d. 14 OCT 1950 in Templeton, California, buried 20 OCT 1950 in Atascadero District Cemetery, California, occupation Butcher/Greengrocer.  Married 7 JUL 1917 in Hornsby, New South Wales, ELIZABETH WATSON McMORRAN, b. 10 JUL 1883 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, (daughter of ALEXANDER McMORRAN and JANET FALCONER) d. 18 OCT 1972 in Chesalon Home, Summer Hill, Sydney, New South Wales, buried in Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney, New South Wales. Further details of the McMorran family are on the McMorrans of Crawfordjohn, Lanarkshire web site.
    41. i. IRIS MAY PERRY b. 24 APR 1918.
      ii. FLORENCE EILEEN PERRY, b. 11 OCT 1920 in Summer Hill, Sydney, New South Wales, d. 26 APR 1925, buried in Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney, New South Wales.
    42. iii. HUBERT ALEXANDER PERRY b. 13 NOV 1922.
    43. iv. LESLEY GORDON PERRY b. 12 JAN 1927.
    44. v. RUTH MARGARET PERRY (details excluded).

30. MAURICE GEORGE ANDREWS PERRY, b. 15 DEC 1896 in Charlton, Wraxall, Somerset, d. -- NOV 1977 in St Blazey Gates, Par, Cornwall.  Married 6 AUG 1921 in Aberfillery, Monmouth, Wales, DOROTHY MARTHA JOYCE WIGLEY, b. 1900 in Cheltenham. Gloucestershire, (daughter of EDWARD JAMES WIGLEY and ELIZABETH HINGSTON).
    45. i. OWEN ANDREWS PERRY b. 19 OCT 1923.
    46. ii. IAN MAURICE PERRY b. 26 MAR 1926.
    47. iii. EDWARD PERRY.
    48. iv. FRANCIS PERRY b. 3 DEC 1942.

31. IVY BESSIE LAVINIA PERRY, b. 14 OCT 1902 in Charlton, Wraxall, Somerset, d. 14 FEB 1993 in Devonport, Plymouth, Devon, buried in Plymouth, Devon, occupation Hotelier.  She married REGINALD SPEAR RUNDLE, b. 1890 in St. Austell, Cornwall, (son of THOMAS RUNDLE and KATE MEAGER).
    49. i. FLORENCE ROMA RUNDLE b. 29 AUG 1923.

32. FREDERICK GEORGE PERRY, b. 1906 in Long Ashton district, Somerset, d. 1979.  Married 1928 in Somerset, LILIAN MAUD PARSLOW, b. 1906, d. 1977.
      i. VERNON PERRY, b. 1930 in Somerset, d. 1959.
      ii. CLIVE PERRY.
      iii. BRIAN PERRY.
      iv. THELMA PERRY.

33. HENRY THOMAS (HARRY) PERRY, b. 1908 in Long Ashton district, Somerset, d. 1981.  Married 1929 in Bristol, QUEENIE A. A. HONEYWELL, b. 1915, (daughter of JAMES HENRY HONEYWELL and BESSIE OYCE).
      i. JOAN PERRY, b. 1932 in Somerset, d. 1948 in Somerset.
      ii. ROYSTON PERRY, b. 1933 in Bristol, d. 1959.
      iii. IRIS PERRY, (details excluded).
      iv. HILDA M. PERRY, (details excluded).
      v. HILDA (JEAN) PERRY, (details excluded).
      vi. BRENDA (JOY) PERRY.
      vii. ALAN PERRY, d. c.2003.

34. HUBERT PERRY, b. 1911 in Somerset.  He married FRANCES HUMPHRIES.
      i. JOHN PERRY.
      ii. FREDA PERRY.

35. CHARLES PERRY, b. 1915 in Somerset.  Married 1939, BETTY EILEEN MEGAN HUMPHRIES, b. 1919, d. 1 FEB 2006.
      ii. JEREMY PERRY.

Generation Ten

36. IVY MAUDE PERRY, b. 1920, d. 1980.  Married 1946 in Rhosneigr, Anglesey, LESLEY PETTITT, d. 1980.
    50. i. CHRISTOPHER ARTHUR PETTITT (details excluded).
      ii. PHYLLIS WENDY PETTITT, (details excluded).

37. LILIAN PERRY, b. 1906, d. 1976.  She married CHRISTOPHER OSBORNE, d. 1975.

38. WILLIAM GEORGE PERRY, b. 12 OCT 1910, d. 16 MAY 1997.  Married 18 APR 1936 in Redruth, Cornwall, PHYLLIS SHERMAN, b. 1913, d. 1991.
      iii. CATHARINE MARY PERRY, (details excluded).

      ii. PETER GRAHAM PERRY ARTHUR, (details excluded).

      ii. JACKIE POWELL.

41. IRIS MAY PERRY, b. 24 APR 1918 in Crown St Woman's Hospital, Sydney, New South Wales.  Married 28 APR 1941, JACK BERTRUDE McCROHON, b. 6 FEB 1917, d. 22 JUL 1988 in Canterbury General Hospital, Campsie, buried 25 JUL 1988 in Catholic Lawn Cemetery, Rookwood, Sydney, New South Wales, occupation Inspector of Transport.
    51. i. ADELE ANNE McCROHON (details excluded).
    52. ii. COLIN ROSS McCROHON (details excluded).

42. HUBERT ALEXANDER PERRY, b. 13 NOV 1922 in Summer Hill, Sydney, New South Wales, d. 16 MAY 1999 in Parramatta, New South Wales.  Married 26 FEB 1949 in Ashfield, New South Wales, ANN-MARIE EASSON, b. 7 OCT 1923.
    53. i. GREGORY JAMES PERRY (details excluded).
      ii. MARK PATRICK PERRY, (details excluded).  He married KATHLEEN TOGNETTI.
      iii. DAMIEN JOHN PERRY, b. 28 DEC 1955, d. 2 AUG 1979.
      iv. DEBORAH ANNE PERRY, (details excluded).
      v. ELIZABETH THERESE PERRY, (details excluded).
      vi. JOHN JOSEPH PERRY, (details excluded).

43. LESLEY GORDON PERRY, b. 12 JAN 1927 in Summer Hill, Sydney, New South Wales, d. 20 DEC 1999 in Burleigh Heads, Queensland, buried 23 DEC 1999 in Allambra Gardens, Gold Coast, Queensland.  He married ELIZABETH VIOLET LACEY, b. 16 AUG 1926, d. 1980 in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Queensland, buried in Allambra Gardens, Gold Coast, Queensland.
      i. DENNIS LESLEY PERRY, b. 15 MAR 1950, d. 10 OCT 1953.
      ii. KENNETH WAYNE PERRY, (details excluded).
      iii. JANICE DIANNE PERRY, (details excluded).
      iv. SUSAN MARIE PERRY, (details excluded).
      v. BRETT ALLAN PERRY, (details excluded).  (1) He married ?.  (2) He married ?.

44. RUTH MARGARET PERRY, (details excluded).  She married OSCAR SAFIER, b. 11 OCT 1925 in Krakou, Poland, d. 15 AUG 1993 in Bellevue Park, QLD, buried in Allambra Gardens, Gold Coast, QLD.
    54. i. SIMON PAUL MOSES SAFIER b. 24 SEP 1959.
      ii. SHANE OSCAR EREN SAFIER, (details excluded).
      iii. MARCEL GLEN SAFIER, (details excluded).
      iv. KLARA LEE SAFIER, (details excluded).
      v. YVETTE MIA SAFIER, (details excluded).

45. OWEN ANDREWS PERRY, b. 19 OCT 1923 in St Blazey, Cornwall.  He married PAULINE BARTER.
      i. ANGELA PERRY.  She married PARKES.
      ii. LINDA PERRY.  She married MEAD.
      iii. SUZANNE PERRY.  She married MARK SMITH.
      iv. JANETTE PERRY.  She married TONGA.
      v. DENISE PERRY.

46. IAN MAURICE PERRY, b. 26 MAR 1926 in Par, Cornwall, d. in Par, Cornwall.  Married 1963, JOAN.
      i. IAN PERRY, (details excluded).

      i. KAREN PERRY.

48. FRANCIS PERRY, b. 3 DEC 1942 in Par, Cornwall, d. 29 JUN 1988 in Cornwall, buried 6 JUL 1988 in Par, Cornwall.  (1) He married JACKIE.  (2) Married 3 DEC 1978, SANDRA WINN.
    Children by SANDRA WINN:
      i. JAYNE ELIZABETH PERRY, (details excluded).
      ii. ROBERT PERRY, (details excluded).

49. FLORENCE ROMA RUNDLE, b. 29 AUG 1923 in St. Austell, Cornwall.  (1) She married JOHN GORDON HULL, b. 13 JAN 1919 in London, (son of GEORGE HULL and MABEL LAVER) d. 1986.  (2) She married HENRY FUSSELL.
    Children by JOHN GORDON HULL:
    55. i. PATRICK KEITH HULL (details excluded).
    56. ii. GEOFFREY HULL b. 17 MAR 1951.

Generation Eleven


51. ADELE ANNE McCROHON, (details excluded).  She married TONY NICHOLLS, (details excluded).
      i. LUKE GABRIEL NICHOLLS, (details excluded).
      ii. YASMIN LOUISE NICHOLLS, (details excluded).
      iii. KRISTIAN CHE NICHOLLS, (details excluded).
      iv. ANNELISE SKYE NICHOLLS, (details excluded).

52. COLIN ROSS McCROHON, (details excluded).  He married LYNETTE ELIZABETH FROST, (details excluded).
      i. KYLIE ELIZABETH McCROHON, (details excluded).

53. GREGORY JAMES PERRY, (details excluded).  He married KAY.
      i. BROOKE PERRY.

54. SIMON PAUL MOSES SAFIER, b. 24 SEP 1959 in Southport, Queensland, d. 17 JAN 1994 in Southport Hospital, Southport, Queensland.  He married ARLENE DOHINOG, b. in Negros, Phillipines.
      i. MIA SAFIER.

55. PATRICK KEITH HULL, (details excluded).  He married MARIE PATRICK, (details excluded).
      i. ADRIAN HULL, (details excluded).
      ii. LINDSAY MORRELLA HULL, (details excluded).

56. GEOFFREY HULL, b. 17 MAR 1951 in Bristol, d. 1996 in Plymouth.  He married MARGARET CLOSE.
    57. i. CATHERINE ANN HULL (details excluded).
      ii. CHRISTOPHER HULL, (details excluded).
      iii. ANDREW HULL, (details excluded).
      iv. ALISTAIR HULL, (details excluded).
      v. ELIZABETH HULL, (details excluded).

Generation Twelve

57. CATHERINE ANN HULL, (details excluded).  She married RICHARD BROWN.
      i. JACK BROWN, (details excluded).

Thanks to everyone who has contributed information. Much of the research on the earlier generations was done by my second cousin Edward Perry of Par, Cornwall. My grandfather Hubert Perry died in 1950 so I never knew him. His sister, my great Aunt Ivy Rundle (nee Perry) provided oral history as did a number of cousins.
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I welcome contact from anyone connected with my family.
Please feel free to submit information, queries and also scans of photographs of family members, particular those from the 19th century

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