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Moe - Walhalla line

Pronunciation "Eric - uh". Erica was originally named Upper Moondarra, but was renamed prior to 15/6/1908 to Moondarra, then to Harris (after a local member of parliament) prior to the line opening. In 1914 it was renamed Erica after the local mountain.

Peter Medlin reports a locomotive shed road in 1908 shown above. The station had extensive sidings to serve the Forest's Commission timber mill which were opened in 1941 (see below).

yard diagram

Established as a Staff Station.
Provide Up and Down home signals.
Siding accommodation reported as being provided. Peter Medlin suggests that this was only notification that the siding existed. He says that it was a construction siding from 1908.
Disestablished as a Staff station.
Established as a Staff station.
Provide siding for Forest Commission timber mill.
Line from Platina to Erica closed.

Distance from Moe18 m 31 ch26.37 km
Distance from Walhalla9 m 49 ch15.46 km
Altitude (above Sea Level).1321'402.64 m

Map 8122-2-3 Tyers Junction
Lattitude 37° 58' 50" S
Longitude 146° 22' 20" E

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