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Some issues you might want to consider if you want a canine companion?

If you intend to purchase any dog we believe that you should put a lot of thought into what this will mean to you. You should consider many issues such as the cost of such a purchase, including the immediate cost and long term costs. A few of the possible costs associated with owning a dog include: veterinarian costs, feeding, registration, kennel costs if you intend to go on holidays, desexing, worming, vaccination and the cost of unexpected emergencies. Buying a dog is only the initial cost of owning an animal - the ongoing costs need to be factored into your decision.

Having said this we also believe that the benefits and enjoyment from owning a dog, for most people, surpass any financial outlay. BUT YOU should still consider all of the issues before purchasing, or accepting a dog, as we would hate to see your animal in a shelter or put down in later years.

In addition to considering your finances you should also consider whether your life style, routine and accommodation makes you a good candidate to own an animal. You can't just think of what you want. Dogs are not something you can pick up and play with when you want to - they are living creatures that deserve as good a life as you can give them. Please think seriously before purchasing any living animal.

Desexing - neutering and spaying

If you are buying a pet I would advise you to desex it.  Owning a desexed animal reduces potential health problems and has few negative effects.  If you are buying a dog as a pet their is no real reason to keep it entire - by desexing your pet you are also removing the risk of unwanted pregnancies and an unwanted litter.  In Australia it is also substantially cheaper to register your pet if it is desexed.

In America and a number of other countries there are huge problems with puppy farms. Puppy farms are run by people who do not care about the animals that live with them and breed purely for financial return. In most puppy farms animals are held in small cages and deplorable conditions. Many of these animals live in their own excretement and have a miserable life. It appears that the animals produced in these puppy farms are often sold through pet shops. This is in part why I recommend you adopt an animal from a shelter/RSPCA or buy from a reputable breeder.

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