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Golden Retriever LINKS

Golden Retriever Links - Australia

Listed here are a number of Golden Retriever breeders in Australia.

This group is a list of some members of the Golden Retriever Club of NSW. If you are serious about owning a Golden Retriever these people are testing for hereditary problems and should provide you with results for the dam and sire. The aim of most of these breeders will be to produce sound, healthy Golden Retrievers with wonderful temperment.

spinstar.gifDOBRO Kennels (NSW)


spinstar.gifBUFFALO Kennels (NSW)

spinstar.gifEURAIDD Golden Retrievers (NSW)

spinstar.gifJONESH Kennels (Golden Retrievers & Beagles - NSW)

spinstar.gifThe Golden Retriever Club of NSW Incorporated

Golden Retriever Links - UK and Europe

Golden Retriever owners and breeders in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Red1ARR.gifUK Golden Retriever Club

Red1ARR.gifDewmist Golden Retrievers

Red1ARR.gifXanthos Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Links - USA and Canada

Golden Retriever owners and breeders in the United States of America and Canada.

blufloat1ARROW.gifGolden Retriever Club of America