Guam Drive-in


Location: Ypao Road Agana Guam
Screens: 1
Operator:  Brown-Maxon Company
Closed:  1976? Blown over by Typhoon Pamela

I don't know much about this drive-in theatre other than the following excerpt from

"Dear J.B. Ever hear of a drive-in with no cars? Anderson Air Force Base in Guam (circa 1959-1960). Seems there weren't enough cars to go around. When I was there, I recall only six converted Jeeps, and one broken down 6x6. We sat on wooden benches and marveled at the big screen. One nice thing about it, no annoying headlights to disturb you or the screen. The only drawback was the rain and soggy popcorn. P.S. Do you know of a drive-in in Parump, Nevada? A friend of mind says they have one. Bob Petersen Walnut Creek, Calif. Dear Bob: The drive-in in Guam still stands, I'm told, but the one in Pahrump went pah-rump."

It is also mentioned here.

Brief history:

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