Hawaiian Drive-ins 

1. MauiFEST Hawaii-MCC Drive-In Movie Theatre


Opened:   December 2004
Location: At a soccer field on the west side of Maui Community College
Capacity: >200 cars
Screens:  1 (see link to article for picture)
Facilities: Loudspeakers, FM Radio sound, Nonprofit scholarship food booth
Operates: Monthly
Cost:        $5 per adult, $40 for four adults for premier parking, and free for children under 10.
Operator: Ken K. Martinez Burgmaier and others
Closed:    Open!



Here is a link to their website. Hmm - a Drive-in with Sushi! Support this great enterprise!


Brief history:

Full details, photo and history in this article.

2. Kam Drive-in Theatre

Awaiting the sunset on the last weekend at Kam Drive In, ending the era of drive in movies in Hawaii. Thanks to Dr Rodney Chang for the use of this photo.



Location: Aiea, Oahu, Hawaii
Capacity: 1400-1500 cars
Screens: One, later two
Facilities: Snack shop, children's playground
Operator: Consolidated Theatres
Closed: 7 September 1998

Brief history:

Coming soon!


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1962 Press Release and photos

3. Kailua Drive-in Theatre