Cow Town Theatre/Restaurant, Saipan

Actually to be technically correct Cowtown was an outdoor theatre in a rodeo corral - no cars could view the screen but it is included here for interests sake anyway.


Opened: 1988 Approximately
Location: In Jungle on the North Side of the Island
Capacity: Not known
Screens: 1
Facilities: Western style barbeque restaurant. Popcorn may have been for sale.
Opened: Possibly Fridays and Saturdays
Sound: Massive outdoor sound system (great!)
Operator: United Micronesia Development Association (UMDA)_
Closed: ?

Brief history:


Cow Town was a sort of dude ranch that was built for Japanese tourists.  It was hoped that they would come for a "cowboy" experience. They had some indian tee-pees, a simulated "wild west" town with a boardwalk and a barbecue restaurant and the corral where they held rodeos. It never took off and the outdoor theater was an attempt to get some use out of the facility.,,
I remember watching a movie there one stormy night. The seats were actually hard wooden corral bleachers, but most people brought pillows. That night a spectacular thunder and lightening storm started during  the movie. The rain on the tin roof was deafening and the sound of the storm and lightening display definitely competed with the movie for everyone's attention. It only lasted a few minutes, but I'll never forget the huge flashes of lightening that appeared over the screen. Spectacular.
Thanks to Mike Newman for the above information and memories.

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