1. Jurong Drive-in Theatre


Opened:                    14 July 1971
Closed:                     30 September 1985
Location:                  Yuan Ching Road, Jurong Singapore, next to the Japanese Gardens
Screens:                   One screen (47 feet by 110 feet)
No. of shows:            2 shows daily � 7pm & 9pm
Ticket prices:           $2 (adults) & $1 (children under 12 years� old)
Operator:                Cathay Organisation Private Limited
Capacity:                 Occupied 5.6 hectares of land, accommodation for 899 cars and 300 walk-in patrons in the open gallery.

Brief history:

The Drive-in at Jurong was the first of its kind in Singapore and Malaysia and the largest in Asia. It was opened on 14 July 1971 by the then Minister of Culture, Jek Yuen Thong, in a gala charity film premiere of �Doctor in Trouble�.

The Drive-In took its concept from the O�Halloran Hill cinema in Adelaide, Australia.

There were special car speaker systems with adjustable volumes linking the sound-track to individual cars. The screen was elevated 25 feet above ground and tilted at an angle of six-and-a-half degrees. Watching a film at the Drive-In was like watching an enormous television screen in the total privacy of a small circle box. First-run English language features were intended for the Drive-in.

The film �The Big Boss� which starred the late movie legend Bruce Lee, grossed an all time high of S$12,000 for a single show on its opening night at the Drive-In.

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Photos of the Jurong Drive-in

The 47ft by 110ft screen at the Jurong Drive-In hangs elevated 25 feet above ground, tilted at an angle of six-and-half degrees. [What a great photo!]


Malaysian movie fans hired two charter buses to drive them to the Jurong Drive-in when the theatre first opened.

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And now for two historic photos.

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2. NTUC Club, Pasir Ris Drive-in Theatre


Opened:            Open every Friday!
Location:           NTUC Club, Pasir Ris
Screens:            One screen
No. of shows:    Lots
Ticket prices:   $3 entry
Operator:         NTUC Club

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3. Epsom Movie Mob Drive-in Theatre


Location:           It varies - somewhere around Singapore
Screens:            One screen
No. of shows:    
Ticket prices:   Free!
Operator:         Ape communications

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