Tahiti Drive-in Theatres 

1. Arue Drive-in Cinema

Photo can be found at this site


Location: Continental supermarket site at Arue
Screens: 1
Facilities: Snack bar, car speakers,


Thanks to Mako for the following

Je me rappel bien de celui d'arue.... Il s'agissait d'un drive in avec haut parleurs , un seul écran, les films étaient en VF et en VOST. J'y ai vu notemment le grand Superman, au début des années 80 ( souvenir d'enfance !). Le snack était typiquement 'snack tahitien'. Avec des casses croutes, des plats genre Ma'a tinito, des boisons (bierre, coca, fanta...) des firi-firi (beignets tahitiens), les inévitables bonbons chinois, et plein d'autres sucreries made in US. Il devait ètre ouvert en fin de semaine et proposait au moin 2 films par séances. C'était un lieu de rendez-vous vraiment sympa... ca finissait quelques fois en bringues. Certain sortaient les Ukulele et les guitares à l'arrière du Pick-up... et peut importe le film...  Ca reste des super souvenirs.

For those that don't speak French here is my attempt at translation of the above (if I'm incorrect someone please email me with the correction).

I recall well the [Drive-in] at Arue.  It was a drive-in with car speakers and a single screen, The films were either dubbed in French or in their original language with French subtitles. Notably, around the beginning of the 1980s I saw there Superman (a childhood memory!). The snack bar was typically Tahitian with  snacks, Ma'a tinito dishes [Chinese food], drinks (beer, coke, Fanta etc...), some firi-firi (Tahitian fritters), the inevitable chinese lollies, and lots of other American confectionary. It was open on the weekend and showed at least 2 films a night. It was a really nice place to go out to... that finished sometimes in a lot of binge drinking. Some brought out their ukeleles and guitars from the back of the pick up truck... and didn't worry about the film... These remain great memories

2. Punaauia Drive-in Cinema


Location: On the heights near the crossroads
Screens: 1 (still there?)
Operator: Paul Faugerard

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