Cador of Lanrith

When the coronavirus lockdown began in Australia in March 2020, my Exemplars game shifted from face-to-face to online using Discord. This introduced me to a new range of online possibilities for gaming, and I've joined an online Dragon Warriors game with a new version of Cador of Lanrith, the character I initially designed back in 2003 for a play by email game.

Cador is a Mystic of noble birth from Cornumbria (think Wales) on the border with northwest Albion (think England). Mystics have psychic powers, including spells, most of which enhance themselves and nobody else (for example, seeing in the dark, becoming stronger, and healing their injuries). Mystics can use their spells as many times as they want until they fail a Psychic Fatigue Check: once fatigued, they can't use any spells until the following dawn.

Cador is the acknowledged illegitimate son of Bedwyr, Baron of Lanrith, by Guen of Von's Hill. He has inherited his mother's looks and her psychic talents that made her well-suited to be one of the keepers of the high places. Time will tell if he has also inherited her gift of prophecy.

Cador is a devout follower of the True Faith. He tithes to the Church whenever he receives money, and organises proper burials and masses for the dead, including enemies who attacked and tried to kill him and his allies. Cador is tolerant of paganism and sorcery, and does not seem to view them as in opposition to the True Faith.

Cador is 21 years old, 5'8 tall (170cm) and weighs 143lbs (65kg). He has a lean and wiry build, with a short blond hair and beard.

Cador's 4th rank character design

Cador's backstory

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