Fantasy Hero Campaign Resources

Three or four years ago I ran a short-lived Fantasy Hero roleplaying campaign. Elements of that campaign's setting have made their way into Selentia, but there's a lot that didn't. What follows is a copy of almost all the notes I have left from that abortive experiment in using Champions for heroic adventurers instead of superheroes.

Fantasy Hero Rules Supplement

The guidelines I used for weapons and armour in my campaign, including weapon lists with standardised and corrected STR Minimums. There are special rules for STUN Multipliers and for using Find Weakness that may be of interest. I also used the rules found in my Champions Rules Supplement.

Character Designs

I had five player characters in my campaign. Here are character designs for three of them: Erik the Smith, Ling Chun, and the infamous Fabio the (Mer-)Man. All are built on a base of 75 points plus up to 75 points of Disadvantages (maximum of 25 points in any one category), and these characters did not have to pay any points to have Running (or Swimming for Fabio's Merman form) at the level of a fit person.

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