Greyhawk Campaign

I started playing Living Greyhawk at The Big Weekend convention in May 2002. Living Greyhawk was a worldwide D&D campaign organised through the RPGA. The campaign was set in the Greyhawk fantasy world, which was the default setting for 3rd edition D&D, and different regions in the real world were assigned particular parts of Greyhawk as their "part" of the campaign world. Queensland's region was Perrenland: I was a Subtriad administrator for the region from 2006 to 2008, with particular responsibility for updating and maintaining the now-defunct regional website. I was also an active scenario writer for the region during those years, producing seven regional scenarios (as well as one scenario for another region, Sunndi).

I found Living Greyhawk sometimes unsatisfying, for a range of reasons. The campaign's format meant there could be continuity problems: for example, characters A and B may both have completed adventure X and be using the same "unique" magic item in adventure Y. What continuity existed was often forced: for example, a sequel would assume that a certain outcome occurred in the prequel, and that may not have matched what actually happened when some or all of the characters played the prequel. GMs had limited flexibility to adapt modules to cater for atypical adventuring groups, such as a group with few or no fighters or spellcasters. The modules were written to a varying standard, sometimes not very high, and had to be written in such a way that several different "average party levels" (APLs) could all complete the same adventure. This sometimes led to internal consistency problems, such as rooms that were too small to fit a group of large monsters at high APLs but were the right size to fit the group of smaller-sized monsters at lower APLs.

All this aside, Living Greyhawk did give me the opportunity to experience a very tactical approach to D&D, to focus on resource management aspects of the game that were often glossed over (certainly I glossed over them in my Selentia campaign), and to play irregular games with an extended group of friends. I cooperated with some of my friends to create character connections (and thus continuity) outside actual scenarios as written, such as the Silver Gryphons adventuring party and Nazari's romantic entanglements with Owain and Lord Aldric. We continued to play scenarios with our Living Greyhawk characters for over a year after the official end of the campaign in 2008: we played our last scenarios in December 2009 and early in 2010. As of June 2013, I've started running Greyhawk Continued as an irregular campaign.

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