The Thousand League Boots Campaign

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I've had this idea for a contained campaign for almost four years: I intended to use this as the successor to my Brenna's Adventurers campaign, but didn't have sufficient player interest to form a viable group. When I do run another campaign in Selentia, I may use this framework for the campaign.

Campaign Premise

Federigo Saluzzo, a Magister in the Tirynian Circle, has almost finished creating a pair of thousand-league boots. When finished, the thousand-league boots will let their wearer travel a thousand leagues in the physical world with each step through the World of Spirits. All that remains to complete the ritual and empower the boots is for someone to walk a thousand leagues in the boots without taking them off, crossing their own path, or immersing the boots in a river or the sea. Fortunately for the wearer, the magic of the boots makes them comfortable, dry, odourless, and impervious to the rigours of the road. Federigo is far too busy to do this himself, of course, though he has determined the most auspicious route for the walker to take, and will meet them at the end of their journey, half a year later, to claim the empowered boots. Instead, one of his loyal apprentices will wear the boots throughout the journey.

The journey begins at Kaxos in eastern Peronnia, then proceeds through eastern Kevland, Navyn, eastern Teran, Wesland, Elmet, western Teran, Vestad, eastern Ranimia, Asmuly, Emphidor, and ends in Analika. While some countries are safer than others, Federigo is taking no chances. He has persuaded and employed others to accompany his apprentice for the duration of the journey as escorts, bodyguards, and guides.

Player Instructions

Design 1st level characters. You can expect to gain 2 levels during the campaign. Players must determine their character's motivation for taking the job/duty of escorting the wearer of the boots on behalf of a publicly respectable pagan sorcerer. One of the characters can wear the boots if they are an apprentice sorcerer. Characters may have secrets, but no harmful secrets that can harm group integrity. Spotlight time will include non-conflict and conflict scenes, including meeting people, attending balls, being threatened by bandits, and asked to help out with local emergencies. You should design characters that can interact effectively in social settings. Character continuity is expected: it won't be easy to integrate new characters into the group partway through the campaign.

The focus of the story is the interesting things that you encounter during the journey, not the journey in and of itself. You should design characters who become involved in events that are important enough to be given spotlight time, even if they are sidereal to the journey. Federigo gives the group a list of side tasks to do during the journey: there's no in-game benefit to you for completing the journey more quickly, or for prioritising the list of side tasks above other adventure hooks. There should be approximately thirteen distinct episodes, each of which should take one or two sessions of play.

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