Potestas for Dragon Warriors

The earliest versions of Potestas were intended to expand on and supercede the Dragon Warriors game system, which I had been using for one-off adventures in 2000. It was a rules-light fantasy game system intended for use in the Selentia game setting, and I ran several one-off adventures using Potestas in 2001. In February 2002, I decided that I was spending a lot of time and energy building a game system that relied on increasingly more complex game mechanics than 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons, so stopped working on this version of Potestas and took it down from my website.

Four year later, I got an email request for this version of Potestas. Someone, who had previously run a successful fantasy campaign using my rules, was preparing to start another campaign, but had lost their copy of Potestas. Ask, and ye shall receive! But first, some disclaimers.

  1. I haven't looked at this material for at least 4 years, when I decided in early 2002 to make the conceptual switch from Dragon Warriors to 3rd edition D&D for my basic game engine. I had a partially-revised version from January 2002 that I've spent a little time tidying up and finalising, but it's still not a complete, stand-alone game system..
  2. Likewise, the hyperlinks below are a mixed bag of Potestas at different points of development, and don't always match either of the downloadable versions. For that reason, I've retained the Potestas record of updates page for the July 2001 version.

If those caveats don't scare you off, then I hope you enjoy the following resources!

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