These scenarios are placed in the Selentia game setting and use Potestas as the game system: however, other GMs should find it easy to modify them for use with other systems and in other game worlds.

Dunnstone Mound

Five adventurers are sent on a secret mission to take the Dunnstone from Old Duneld to Duneld Across The Water. Suitable for Stature 3 characters.

In Abandoned Tarleikos

A four-person squad of the Imperial Rangers chases down a band of adventurers seeking to loot the abandoned city of Tarleikos, but finds something far more dangerous in the ruins. Suitable for Stature 4 characters.

The Jungles of Mungoda

A merchant stakes his fortune on a trading venture to Mungoda, searching for Kaikuhuran gold. Suitable for Stature 6 characters. A modified version of the Dragon Warriors adventure Mungoda Gold.

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