Record of Updates

29 July 2001 (underlined)

Reworded and increased the limit on scores in Specialised Skills, noted that Sorcery is the active Skill for the Artifice Ability, included guidelines and limits on improving scores in Skills and Abilities with increases in Stature, and fixed up outdated references to END instead of FIT on the Character Races page. The rich-text file has also been updated.

7 June 2001

Uploaded the zipped rich-text file version of the Potestas character sheet.

5 June 2001

Made more minor changes, added more information about charging attacks, and uploaded the zipped rich-text file version of Potestas. Both the website and the download will be updated in parallel.

1 June 2001

Made a large set of changes, ranging from typographical errors to making some Characteristics cost more than others, changing Enhanced Damage and giving weapons Damage modifiers, setting a cost of 1 point to buy an Acquired Skill at +0, adding an explanation of how to determine who should make the Resolution Roll to resolve a non-violent conflict between characters, modifying the Difficulty and Power scores for numerous Spells, and increasing the starting total of character points so that 0 Stature characters can have some Skills.

27 March 2001

Clarified the rules for lifting, perception and dodging.

27 February 2001

Modified Damage Resistance values for armour and clarified Tumble effects on falling.

24 February 2001

Posted the new Potestas rules: they're still incomplete in parts, but what's there has been revised.

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