The Brenna's Adventurers Campaign

The Brenna's Adventurers campaign used a modified version of 3rd edition D&D, which I upgraded to 3.5 edition D&D pathway through the campaign. The player characters were adventurers on retainer for a noble, Brenna Lucanine, who collected antiquities and art objects for her private museum at Manderley Hall. Adventures were generally self-contained, like a TV series going from self-contained episode to self-contained episode, with continuity elements accumulating gradually over time. The characters started at 4th level and were 18th level when the campaign finished after two years and 80 sessions of play.

One thing I did very deliberately to foster a different tone to the traditional D&D mindset of "kill the opponent, take their treasure" was to give the player characters the DMG standard allocation for character wealth of their level. The players got to choose what equipment their characters would have as their standard adventuring gear, because as a wealthy ex-adventurer, Brenna could provide her retainers with new magic items or magic item upgrades as needed. This allowed the characters to be dashing explorers instead of robbers, who took the interesting magic items they found when exploring ancient temples and underground labyrinths but didn't take the silverware from the inn or take every sword used by the goblin warband for resale. That led to Ulfgar the dwarf's greed being a distinguishing character feature, rather than being par for the course behaviour for the group as a whole.

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