Stand-Alone Adventures

In addition to my longer campaigns, I have run individual adventures set in Selentia for different groups over the years. As well as their contributions to the narrative of Selentia, these adventures all used pre-generated characters - making them excellent examples of the variety of adventurers who can be found in Selentia.

Dunnstone Mound

Five adventurers are sent on a secret mission to take the Dunnstone from Old Duneld to Duneld Across The Water.

In Abandoned Tarleikos

A four-person squad of the Imperial Rangers chases down a band of adventurers seeking to loot the abandoned city of Tarleikos, but finds something far more dangerous in the ruins.

The Jungles of Mungoda

A merchant stakes his fortune on a trading venture to Mungoda, searching for Kaikuhuran gold.

Lest Darkness Rise

Threehills Manor

It has been two years since Crescentium fell to the armies of the Caliph of Zhenir. In response to the Pontiff's calls for a new crusade, Princess Rowena and many other nobles of Teran have taken the pledge and gone north to liberate Ibrahim, the birthplace of Gatanades the Saviour. As it turns out, one of the departed nobles is Lady Mara Garan, the relative you have come to visit on your never-ending travels. In her absence, her household has welcomed you into her home at Threehills Manor - but it quickly becomes clear that something is wrong. An ancient evil stirs nearby, in the mouldering barrow called Valour Hall, and dark arcane forces gather at its call.

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