The Selentia Campaign Setting

Selentia is an early modern European fantasy game setting partially derived from Legend, the Dragon Warriors role-playing game setting (copyright Dave Morris 1986). Other influences include the fiction of J.R.R. Tolkien, the Quest for Glory computer game series, Bill Willingham's Ironwood comics, Norse mythology, and my years of study in classical and medieval history and religion at the University of Queensland.

Selentia occupies the western portion of the continent of Arda. To the west are nomad Khanates, and beyond them the distant and exotic lands of Batubatan and Khitai. To the south is frigid Mercania, much of which is blanketed in ice and snow; to the northeast is Mungoda, a land of jungles and swamps; and to the northwest is the peninsula of Minj, separating the endless Segara Sea from the Deeps of Rasakna.

Selentia is warmed by warm breezes from the Jeryl Sea and Mungoda and warm currents from the Deeps of Rasakna and the Jeryl Sea. The currents flow south along the coastline and brush the eastern parts of the Isle of Elles before turning east along the southern coast of Glendal. The kingdoms adjacent to the Mistral Sea are colder, and the currents flow westwards to Yggdras and Wyrd and eastwards along the coast of Mercania. The currents and breezes flow north along the western edge of the Deeps of Rasakna, carrying trading ships to the kingdoms of Minj and beyond.

The map of Selentia contains numerous elements from the map of Legend (copyright 1986) and is used with the permission of Russ Nicholson. There is also a map of the central region of Selentia with cities, city names, and river names, as well as a very detailed map of northern Birland. All the original elements of these maps, including the elements that have been changed, are my own work.

Information available for players includes:

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