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There are hard to find items on the gallery page which I can supply as well.


Manufacturer of High Quality Slope racing kits and models. The Moth, M60, HP60, The Halfpipe Bluto and Halfbad. All of our aircraft are designed for maximum performance, efficiency and versatility. We are continually working to bring more new and exciting products to the market by pushing the envelope of innovation and uniqueness. This is why, when it comes to building our kits, intermediate and higher building skills are often required of our customers, owing in part to the fact that both tried and true (or old and almost forgotten!) and new and improved building techniques are routinely implemented.
A Higher level of development of models in the
NCFM range of Slope kits.
The Ubermoth and The Raven
Need some stress relief this season, but feeling the pocket book pinch?. you've found the right place!
Dream-flight's new molded foam R/C gliders are easier than ever to assemble. Simple and inexpensive soaring has never been more fun.
Get outdoors this Summer into the wind and sun to experience one of the purest forms of R/C flight. Minimal complexity for maximum enjoyment!
Dream-Flight is a small family-run business based in beautiful Goleta, California. Known as the
The long awaited NEW Model from Dreamflight is now here. The ALULA Trek
Our dollar is fluctuation wildly so email me for current pricing
The Libelle DLG has been with us for about 12 Months now and is available.
Our dollar is fluctuation wildly so email me for current pricing
Manufactured in NSW.
Off the Edge Sailplanes design and produce high performance EPP foam gliders.
Our gliders are designed to stand up to the rigors of slope soaring, and be performance leaders in their class.


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