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There is a book available in many bookstores and libraries of the world from the middle of the last century, but yet unknown to many people. Most people, who know this book agree, that the book - The Urantia Book - has no human origin, no human author. Some call it the best-kept secret of the twentieth century. But how did it come to earth?

It materialized in Chicago and there are many stories relating to its appearance, some of them available online, some as books.

However nothing can be known with absolute surety, except that The Urantia Book exists and stimulates spiritual insight and happiness of all its readers.

There are over 2000 pages in the book, which narrates the origin of the cosmos, the philosophical meanings of God, the eventful origin of humankind and the relationships of all religions to God. The Urantia Book's view of science, philosophy and religion is perhaps the clearest and most concise integration of these subjects available to contemporary man. The book confirms the existence of Jesus and his magnificent, superhuman origin, but it finds today's Christianity greatly distorted by human misunderstanding of his teaching. There is not religion or sect related toThe Urantia Book.

Maybe this book is the only chance to revitalize declining Christianity of all denominations and to make any order in the ideological chaos of today world.

The uniqueness of The Urantia Book and its revelatory status appeals to people in different ways. Its magnificent teaching fascinates many of them, but some are scared. The second group tries to discredit this book by presenting misleading information about it, particularly on Wikipedia. More in the articles WIKIPEDIA and THE GHOST FROM THE PAST. Proposed a proper and informative article about The Urantia Book in Wikipedia style here.


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